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How to Sangean DT 200V radio

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    • If your radio has stopped working after dropping it, my experience with two of these radios is that the solder connecting to the battery holder has broken. First, you need to expose the broken connection by unscrewing the screws on the back of the radio, and carefully loosening and removing the back casing.

    • The broken connection is at the top right of the battery compartment. You will need a soldering iron, but probably do not need to add any new solder. The soldering iron will need to be hot (follow its instructions), which typically takes a few minutes of heating up.

    • Remove the radio batteries. Use the hot iron to carefully melt the existing solder at the outer edge of the radio where the circuit board connects to the batteries. Melting the solder restores the connection to the battery terminals. Be careful not to overheat this area which could damage other parts on the circuit board. It only takes a very brief time to melt the solder with a hot iron.

    • Your radio now has an excellent chance of working again. The radio may be broken again by future drops, and I have been able to repeat this repair several times on the same radio. Apparently this is a failure point in this design, but the radio is otherwise quite resistant to damage from dropping.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks so much for contributing this! It inspired me to dig my long-non-working DT200V out of the junk drawer, open it up and sure enough: the negative spring terminal that is soldered to the PC board had separated from the solder, probably torqued away in the process of changing batts. What an easy fix, it took longer for the soldering iron to heat up than to affect the repair!

Steve Bowley - Antwoord

I’m glad it worked out for you. Thank you for your feedback.

db88 -

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