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    • Cleaning the pins on the games and console game pin connector dirt may clog them up over years and also preventing the system from working.

    • You will need rubbing alcohol and a q tip. If you dont have one use water and a credit card with a cloth on it.

    • wedge the qtip or credit card into the ports. If the q tip cant fit take some of the fuzz off.

    • Some cables may not work after a few years. If you notice the power cable being sensitive to movement. Get a new one. Also try doing the same as you did with the game pins to the av port and av cable pins!

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    • I found that if it those down work try

    • Turning the console on with no cartrage

    • put one in ( dont turn it off)

    • Now turn it off and on again.

    • Some games i have seen now working because of corrosion and you need to try another game.

    • Take out the booster or expansion pack with the n64 on for 10 seconds then put it back in and try to turn it off and on!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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