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Troublesome Moto G4 Plus problems, and what to do about them?This video can help you to fix them.

There are several issues on Moto G4 Plus here:

1.Moto G4 Plus Battery Draining Fast / WiFi is using more battery than Screen? / WiFi is draining battery even when not in use?

(1)Make sure your Wi-Fi scanning is set to off inside the location settings. disable moto services

(2)Turn off GPS;

(3)Terrible signal could cause the phone to heat up and drain the battery,so choose network wisely.

(4)Change the display brightness

2.Overheating issues in Moto G4 plus(especially when playing games or recording video,also front camera heat when taking a selfie)

(1)Take regular breaks to let your phone cool down;

(2)Some apps running background and disable them according your needs;Set limit process in the developer option;

(3)Clean background processes;

(4)Remove Moto G4 Plus cases.

(5)Keep your Moto G4 out of direct sunlight or really hot environments.

3.Moto G4 Plus charging issue(ghost touch issue;screen burning issue)

(1)Don’t use the Turbo charger. Charge with a regular charger, or through your laptop or PC.

(2)Better not to use your Moto G4 while charging(turn off Wifi,location and lower the brightness).

(3)switching the device off while charging.

(4) Sent your phone to the service centre. Or try another service center in your area.

(5)many users are saying that the issue is solved after updating to Official Android Nougat 7.0

charge slowly:Try to change the cable.. and keep adapter the same in other socket

4.Crashing in some apps or games

Turn your phone off. Press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons until the Moto G4 starts up. Use Volume down to highlight Recovery mode and press Power to select it.When done, use the Power button to select Reboot system now.

5.Moto G4 Plus Rear camera glass get so many scratches

(1)Pay for a replacement and replace the scratched rear camera glass by yourself;

(2)Better not put the camera glass on a hard flat surface;

(3)Install a Moto G4 Plus case with a back camera's glass protecting covers.


Follow the video can fix some trouble problem.If it can't help,contact the Moto Care.

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