Replacing the battery of this phone is not an easy procedure. We will guide you on how to disassemble the phone and replace the battery.

The video manual is for LCD Display & Touch screen replacing, but you can follow it until the moment when we separate the main board & battery from the LCD frame.

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  1. Switch the phone off.
    • Switch the phone off.

    • Remove the SIM tray.

    • The back cover is stuck to the phone with adhesive tape.

      • It's helpful to use heat to loosen the adhesive, making removal much easier.

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  2. Start opening from the bottom side.
    • Start opening from the bottom side.

    • For separating the back cover, use only plastic tools.

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    • Remove the display assembly from the body of the phone.

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    • Remove the seven Philips #0 screws at the top of the panel:

      • Two 2.05 mm screws

      • Three 2.44 mm screws

      • Two 3.35 mm screws

    • Once the screws are removed, gently remove the plastic cover using a plastic opening tool to detach the edges from the front panel.

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    • Disconnect one by one:

      • the Touchscreen flex cable

      • the Volume buttons & Mic flex cable

      • the Dock connector flex cable

    • Carefully insert a plastic tool under the battery to pry it up from the adhesive. Avoid bending the battery.

    • Be careful, there are flex cables under the battery. At the last picture in this step you can see the cables and the place were is adhesive tape.

    • Now you can separate the Dock flex cable.

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    • A piece of copper tape covers the battery and an EMI shield on the motherboard.

    • Carefully pry the EMI shield up at the top of the phone and toward the battery.

    • Carefully peel the copper tape off of the battery and save it to transfer to the new battery.

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    • Lift the motherboard slightly to disconnect two flex cables:

      • the LCD Display flex cable

      • the Navigation buttons flex cable

    • Disconnect the Power On button flex cable at the upper side of the phone

    • Now the mainboard and the battery are free.

    • Disconnect the battery and you are ready to install the new one.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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