If the keys on your keyboard are sticky or broken, follow this replacement guide!


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  1. Flip the laptop over.
    • Flip the laptop over.

    • Slide the lever with the battery symbol beside it firmly until the battery pops out.

    • Remove the battery from the laptop.

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  2. Slide the right lever firmly to the right.
    • Slide the right lever firmly to the right.

    • Slide the cover towards yourself to remove it.

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    • Remove the two 16mm screws with a Phillips #0 screwdriver.

    • There are two sets of threads to get past. Once unscrewed from the first thread, lift the screw up until it hits the next set and begin unscrewing again.

    Note that it is not necessary to completely remove these screws. They are meant to be 'captive' and not removed completely. If you unscrew them to that 'first thread' so they are loose and floppy, they are no longer holding the keyboard in place and it is safe to continue to the next step.

    Joe Kyle - Antwoord

    • Do not try to pry the keyboard from the bottom. The keyboard is attached by clips on the left, top, and right side. Metal inserts on the bottom side lock the keyboard in place until they are slid up and out.

    • Be careful not to scratch or chip the computer when prying. If you have a plastic tool that is long enough to gain leverage, use that instead of a metal tool.

    • There are ribbons secured underneath so be careful not to pull the keyboard out too hard, breaking the connections to the ribbons.

    • Flip the laptop over so the keyboard is visible.

    • Insert the spudger under the left side of the keyboard.

      • Carefully raise the side of the keyboard and firmly pull the left corner of the keyboard until it pops up.

      • Run your fingers under the edges of the keyboard along the top edge of the keyboard, from the top left to the top right, to separate it from the remaining clips.

    • Carefully slide the keyboard up toward the screen and out of the case.

    Please keep in mind that the keyboard comes with a metal plate. If you managed to pry one of the plastic rivets out of the keyboard, you've damaged the keyboard...

    (I should have read the comments about taking the optical drive out first, haha...)

    Brandon Lu - Antwoord

    • Gently lift the two tabs on either side of the black ribbon with a spudger until the ribbon comes loose.

    • Disconnect the black ribbon by pulling the blue tab hanging off of it.

    • Repeat with the white ribbon.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I found that if you remove the optical drive, you have access to push the keyboard form the back to disengage the side with the number pad.

bryanholder81 - Antwoord

I agree with Bryan...much easier to start that way. Pushing from the back will disengage the top right corner (seen from the user position)

advrider - Antwoord

In addition to the comments about pushing the keyboard out after removing the optical drive (which is actually the documented way of removing the keyboard) I'd add that the bit about "There are two sets of threads to get past. Once unscrewed from the first thread, lift the screw up until it hits the next set and begin unscrewing again." is incorrect. The screws are deliberately designed to be self retaining. You only need to unscrew it until the screw turns freely (i.e. not fully).

Dominic Cioccarelli - Antwoord

please, will they have the part number of this keyboard ?, it hurt me and I saw the steps that are followed to extract it, and replace it, but I can not find the part number of the keyboard replacement, if someone could have it tell me which is please?

cesar rios - Antwoord

Go to with the p/n of the machine and you'll get the exact part number of the keyboard you need

Johan Rios - Antwoord

Great set of instructions! Two things I would add:

1. There are two “layers,” if you will, to the keyboard (that you can see from the edge as you begin to pry up your first edge/corner). The top, plastic layer (that fills in around the keys) and the bottom sub-platform. It’s this bottom, metal layer that you want to get under to pry up.

2. You have to put some strength into prying. I was being too gentle and careful and the dang thing just would NOT release. Once I decided that I didn’t care if I broke the keyboard or its clips (I'm putting in a new one), I got a little more aggressive and it popped right out. It required way more force then I thought necessary, but it worked - and nothing broke.


jasellewis - Antwoord

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