If you want to install a larger hard drive or if your hard drive isn't working, consider the steps in this guide to remove your current drive.


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    • Flip your computer over, so that the underside of your computer is facing upward.

      • Make sure your computer is powered down and unplugged from the charger before removing any components.

    • Locate the hard drive casing on the bottom-right corner of your flipped computer.

    • Remove the two 3.8mm screws with your Phillips #00 Screwdriver and carefully lift up and remove the hard drive casing.

      • Screws on hard drive casing will remain in casing after being unscrewed.

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    • After you lift off the hard drive casing, using your Phillips #000 Screwdriver, remove the two 3.6mm screws located on the right side of the hard drive.

    • Using your fingers, carefully lift the lower right corner of your hard drive until it is removed from its housing.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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