If your flash settings are set correctly but your camera does not flash, you will need to replace the flash motherboard. First, you will need to remove the front and back covers. Once that is complete, you will have access to the flash motherboard.


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  1. Unscrew  a total of 6 4.45 mm phillips head screws using a #00 phillips head screwdriver.
    • Unscrew a total of 6 4.45 mm phillips head screws using a #00 phillips head screwdriver.

    • There are 2 screws on the left side (when looking at the front of the camera).

    • There are 3 screws on the bottom

    • There is 1 screw on the right side

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  2. Turn to the bottom of the camera.
    • Turn to the bottom of the camera.

    • Open the memory card cover by sliding the "CARD/BATT." button up, and then pulling the cover to the left.

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    • This is what the SD card/battery compartment looks like when opened.

    • Remove one 4.45mm phillips head screw from the SD card/battery compartment using a #00 phillips head screwdriver.

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    • Gently remove the front cover away from the camera body.

    • Tip: Start by loosening the teeth on the left side of the camera next to the battery compartment.

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    • The camera should look like this once the front cover is removed.

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    • Start from the battery compartment and remove the back cover.

    • Caution: Do not tug on the back cover after it is removed. This could tear the ribbon attaching the back cover to the camera body.

    • Remove the connecting ribbon from the body of the camera using a pair of tweezers.

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    • Once the ribbon connecting the back cover is removed, the back of the camera body should look like this.

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    • Turn to the front of the camera.

    • Find the flash motherboard located behind the flash assembly on the top right.

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    • Use a soldering iron and a desoldering wick to disconnect the wires from the marked locations.

    • Once the cables are disconnected, you are now ready to install a new motherboard.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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