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Although the Roccat Kone[+] represents Roccat's top of the line model in gaming mice category, it has one small weakness within the scroll wheel mechanism. It is very sensite to dust...and after some time it will start to malfunction

In this video you will find a short review of the Kone[+] and the manifestation of the glitch.

Before you atempt to perform this repair make sure the glicth is actually permanent, and make an attempt at fixing it with a few blows with an air compressor.

  1. Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus, Disconnect the Mouse/Cover Sensor: stap 1, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Unplug the mouse.

    • Cover the optical sensor with tape

  2. Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus, Loosen the Covers/Remove Screws: stap 2, afbeelding 1 van 2 Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus, Loosen the Covers/Remove Screws: stap 2, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • With a heat gun/hair dryer, warm up the covers. This serves to loosen up the glue that keeps the glides attached to the mouse.

    • Once hot, try to gently lift the glide and work the edges. (To reapply, heat the gliders to make the the glue soft, then firmly hold it in place till it cools and holds its grip.)

    • Once the glidez are removed, the screws are in plain sight

    • DO NOT TOUCH OR STAIN THE STICKY PART OF THE GLIDEZ, otherwise they will not stick back.

  3. Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus: stap 3, afbeelding 1 van 2 Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus: stap 3, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Unscrew all 4 screws.

    • Gently pull the lower and upper part in opposite directions. DO NOT USE FORCE.

    • Lower and upper part are attached by 5 wires

    • You can either leave them attached or unplug the wires using the tweezers

    • I prefered to separate the two parts for better handling of the lower part, where optical sensor and scroll sensor are located.

  4. Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus: stap 4, afbeelding 1 van 3 Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus: stap 4, afbeelding 2 van 3 Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus: stap 4, afbeelding 3 van 3
    • Replug the mouse in its initial USB port.

    • Insert small piece cloth or tissue paper under the mouse wheel to prevent uncontrolled WD-40 leakeges

    To avoid any leakage, you can remove the scroll wheel module from the base. Snap loose at one side, and then disconnet the header you see at the left side, next to the paper towel on the picture. That way you can spray feely and the remove any excess cleaner by holding it against the sensor part and turning the wheel.

    Jurian Blok - Antwoord

  5. Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus: stap 5, afbeelding 1 van 2 Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus: stap 5, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Now spray contact cleaner (ignore WD-40) directly in the space indicated in the picture. Scroll up a couple of times and scroll down a few times while spraying.

    • plug mouse in to PC, you can easily check in real time if it clears up persistent, or vanishes.

    • If this won't fix it, this probably means the scroll sensor is permanently damaged/defective. (RMA?)

    Actually you have to apply the contact cleaner into the plastic box where are those contractors. The arrow points wrong . It point where is the simple mechanism responsible for scrolling tension. The "click" sound when you scroll .

    Bottom line , very big THANK YOU for the guide. Just repaired my friends Kone+ in 10 minutes.

    szwedu - Antwoord

    Used this to fix my R.A.T 7 scroll problem and it worked like a charm!

    Many thanks.

    MK - Antwoord

    Worked like a charm on my MMO7. Thank you 100x; I already thought that I will have to buy new mouse..... :)

    Robert Topolovec - Antwoord

    Or don’t ignore WD-40 if you already have WD-40 electric contact cleaner ;)

    Enio Fernandes - Antwoord

    1 Roccat Kone[+] fully functional again. +1 for the tip of blowing. It helped to see if it is indeed dust blocking the correct operation. The electric contact cleaner did the rest of the job.

    Jurian Blok - Antwoord

  6. Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus: stap 6, afbeelding 1 van 2 Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus: stap 6, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • If the mouse wheel is not sturdy enough for your taste you can easily insert small pices of cropped paper between spaces around the mouse wheel

    • I used small piece of folded sticky note I always keep on my desk. :) No more wiggling mouse wheel.

  7. Fixing Wheel Glitch on Mouse Roccat Kone[+] Plus: stap 7, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Once the glicth is fixed re-attach the wires and reassemble the lower and upper part together.

    • When reattaching the glidez use same method backwards. Basically apply pressure on the the heated glidez and they should stick back to their place.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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You better stick with the hair dryer when warming up the glue of the glidez.

I just performed this guide and it totally worked out. But I used a heat gun to warm up the mouse glidez. Due to the heat, the plastic that shapes the left mouse button, deformed a bit. The mouse is actually working normal, but you need a significant higher force to push the LMB now.

So be careful about the temperatures when warming the glidez.

Beside this fault of mine, the guide is perfect. Mouse wheel glitch is completely gone.



Michael Ungers - Antwoord

Thanks for the suggestion, already corrected. :)

Isip V Nicola - Antwoord

Worked perfect with hair dryer and WD-40 in 15 minutes!

rinaf - Antwoord

Excellent concise guide. Thank You!!!

brenogrady - Antwoord

Thanks so much, it worked perfectly on a Roccat Savu. The side buttons were not working anymore after a mouse drop.

Just be patient with the glides & the hair drier.

John Doe - Antwoord

i did it and it works perfectly now!

Alexander Domino - Antwoord

I am really happy, that i've found that post. PERFECT! Thanks Autor and a man, who pointed out a mistake in Step 5. You should put wd-40, where the green arrow points (not on gear but in a little hole between constant and moving pieces).

soulhunter97 - Antwoord

I just did it and worked, even if sometimes (really rarely) i scroll one unit and it goes in the other way or doesn't do anything. Hope it will last.

I didn't use the wd40 contact cleaner, but the svitol silikon spray (technik).

In my case, the scroll sensor was all wet (it was something like oil) and the metal circle had (still has) circle stripes, so I just cleaned everything making it all dry, then I added just a bit of svitol

I also added a piece of paper (like in the guide, in front of the scroll wheel) on the left side of scroll sensor, where the metal piece is (the one that makes "tac" when you use the wheel), so it makes more pressure and you won't do an opposite scroll for error (the sensor is very sensible)

Mario - Antwoord

Hey guys, I can see all of these successful stories and my roccat kova + mmb has been a bit faulty and doesn't always register when I scroll. (weapon changes for ex.) Is there any danger in this method? I have already taken the cover off but im a bit wary of flooding the mouse and im a bit confused where i should put the wd-40 as there is a comment saying to put it some where different so could someone please help me out?


Jacob Maschler - Antwoord

just repaired my Kone[+]Plus after it fell down and the scroll wheel was running free; the axis of the wheel had slipped out of the gearbox. just had to put it all in place again, and removed some wrapped up dog and cat hair on that occasion ;)

was surprised to see it has an extra metal cased switch for the left mouse button, in addition to the micro switch ... chose to buy it because it had not only the most precise wheel mechanics but also the best mechanical clicking sound of all mice i tested in the shop ... now i know why!

thanks for the excellent instructions how to open up this beast!

capsuleerpogostemoncablin - Antwoord

Hi, what is the name of the component that you point in the picture numer 5 (which it says we have to put wd-40 spray), couse I have a genius bt 905t Bluetooth mouse but this part is broken completely, and i dont know how to ask for it, in a electronic store.

Thanks in advance

Gustavo - Antwoord

works like a charm! You just saved me a whole new mouse!

Thor - Antwoord

Thanks for the guide! It gave me the confidence to pull apart my KAIN 120 AMIO to fix the same issue. It wasn’t quite the same process and removing the wheel assembly had me stumped for a minute, so I shot pictures and made a guide for that model based on your guide.

Roccat Kain 120 Amio Scroll Wheel Disassembly

Thanks again. :)

Craig Haydock - Antwoord

Thanks so much, it worked perfectly for my Kone AIMO Remastered! (I used a hair dryer)

f hu - Antwoord

Thank you so much! Worked like a charm on my Kone Pure Optical

Pascal - Antwoord

thank you!

did not warm up the glue, just peeled of the "feets" with a sharp scalpel :)

Dennis jansson - Antwoord

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