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Fix Game Disc Tray wont open.

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  1. Fix Game Disc Tray wont open., Fix Game Disc Tray wont open.: stap 1, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Manually eject the CD/DVD Drive

  2. Fix Game Disc Tray wont open.: stap 2, afbeelding 1 van 1
    Gereedschap gebruikt in deze stap:
    • There will be a gap in the middle of the CD/DVD tray. You will see 2 pulleys with a rubber belt. Use tweezers to carefully take the belt out.

  3. Fix Game Disc Tray wont open.: stap 3, afbeelding 1 van 2 Fix Game Disc Tray wont open.: stap 3, afbeelding 2 van 2
    • Take a Damp paper towel and clean any dust and dirt off of the rubber belt.

  4. Fix Game Disc Tray wont open.: stap 4, afbeelding 1 van 1
    • Using the tweezers again carefully put the rubber belt back in. I have found it easier to get it around the big pulley first then on the small pulley.

    • At this point turn the system on and test it. I have done this on several system that the drive just would not open and it has solved the issues.


Enjoy your Original Xbox again! Please sent me a message if you have any questions about the steps.

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Matt Weatherly

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In my case cleaning the rubber band didn’t help - it has gotten too old and hard. I replaced it with the cheapest band from assorted set of rubber bands from the nearest supermarket, and it worked like a charm. Also the whole set cost me less than a dollar, so you may want to try that first before ordering overpriced "xbox" rubber bands from ebay.

Rathori - Antwoord

if the rubber band is to stiff you can also soak it in isopropyl alcohol overnight and it works great

Damien Simons - Antwoord

I believe I got got different problem with my drive. It does not even make any sound or anything. After pressing the eject button the light just keeps flashing and the Xbox spits out an Error 7.

I hooked up an old dvd drive from a pc and used a molex splitter cable to power it. And sure enough, the xbox worked like a charm ... although it thinks the drive is open all the time tho. The xbox is modded and played a game on it for a while without any problem.

But ... the xbox just does not work with the faulty disc drive and I don't know what's wrong with it or how to fix it. Any help on the matter is much appreciated and will save onr more Xbox from a one way trip to the landfill. Thank you.

Menno van der Krift - Antwoord

One other thing that I have used several times is boiling the rubber band with water for 20ish minutes. It has to be an active boil. This forces the band to shrink to its intended size for those bands that have been stretched over use or just age. This is of course if the band looks okay. Will be making a separate Guide on doing this. This method also works and I am discounting it! Great guide!

vet121 - Antwoord

I got hold of the rubber band, washed it with soap and water, and then let it sit in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. Then I did my best to make sure it was completely dry.

You want the light to be going directly into the disc tray so you can see the pulleys. Once I could see, getting the rubber band off and then on wasn't hard at all. I hooked it up, the disc tray popped open, and the system booted up Amped 2, so I am the proud owner of a working xbox.

Matt Latsha - Antwoord

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