The Disney Netpal comes with all of 1 GB of RAM. For kids this might be plenty, but if you're doing any serious multitasking it quickly becomes very cramped - even in Windows XP. Upgrading the memory is one excellent way to make the Netpal more suitable for serious business.

Note that there is only place for one SO-DIMM stick in the Netpal. This means that you can't add another 1GB stick but will have to replace what's there with a 2GB or bigger one.


  1. Disconnect the power cable, turn the netbook upside down and locate the panel that is marked with a little "DDR" icon.
    • Disconnect the power cable, turn the netbook upside down and locate the panel that is marked with a little "DDR" icon.

    • Remove the two screws that keep it in place. They don't have to come out entirely and tend to stay with the panel.

    • Lift the panel out. While you should make sure that the screws are disconnected from the base, this may take some force as the panel has two additional clickety bits.

  2. The RAM is now exposed.
    • The RAM is now exposed.

    • Push the two metal clamps on the sides outwards. The DIMM flips up. If it doesn't, be very careful about forcing anything - you're working with tiny and fairly vulnerably tech here.

    • To remove the memory, grip it by the sides - do not touch the flat part with any kind of force - and pull it out in the direction it's pointing.

    • Take the new stick and place it in the same diagonal position. Verify that it is in the socket all the way and properly aligned.

    • Push it down - again by holding the sides as much as possible - until the clamps audibly click shut.

    • Make sure the clamps snugly fit into the notches on the side of the DIMM. If this isn't the case the stick is probably not inserted all the way, so carefully take it out again, check the slot for dirt or other obstructions and retry.

    • To close up, put the access panel back in place: the side without screwholes goes first.

    • Push it down a little to hear the plastic clicky bits slot into place and tighten the screws.


Everything should now be fine. If anything at all has gone wrong you'll find out when the netbook refuses to boot - the power LED will go on, the hard drive LED might blink once or twice but then nothing happens. If this happens to you, go back and check whether everything is snug and tight as it should be.

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