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  1. Remove the 8 small screws.
    • Remove the 8 small screws.

  2. Remove the other 6 screws.
    • Remove the other 6 screws.

    • Hard disk.

    • RAM slots.

    • Hard disk - Hitachi 500 GB

    • The hard disk should have been taken out before this step.

    • Carefully detach the bottom cover.

    • Bottom cover removed

    • Remove the 4 screws to detach the battery.

    • Remove al the sticky tape.

    • Carefully disconnect the small power connector by using a tool to push the connector out through the small gap mid-connector. It won't come out all the way, because the battery pack is in its way.

    • Samsung 7.4V 45Wh battery.

    • Battery removed.

    • Remove Fan with Processor heat sink.

    • ( 2 screws)

    • Remove Fan with Processor heat sink.

    • (3 screws)

    • Disconnect antenna cables from WiFi card.

    • Remove the screw.

    • Be sure to match the colors when reattaching the cables.

    • Remove this screw.

    • Uplift the latch to loose the cable.

    • Remove this screw.

    • Remove this screw.

    • To remove Motherboard, carefully disconnect the cables.

    • Motherboard - front and rear

    • Processor fan.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Do you know where can i reset the Bios CMOS in that motherboard?

I think there are people who wants to know becose system upgrade is leading to bios ACPI Error.

Thanks for your help

Luis Orland - Antwoord

No, I do not know where is a reset pin of BIOS.

Try to disconnect NVRAM battery.

Wait 15 minutes and reconnect again.

Jose Gustavo Abreu Murta - Antwoord

To reset BIOS this NP530U3, only disconnect all power supply (MAIN battery, CMOS battery and power source). And hold press POWER button for 1 min.

warmdk - Antwoord

I try it but don't work, do you know another way to do this

manhique -


I have seen many screens with model number LTN140AT21-XXX for this laptop. My laptop NP530u4b has a screen LTN140AT21-802. I would like to know if I can use a LTN140AT21-002 screen, or if only is good a screen with number LTN140AT21-8.

thanks for your help.

alex - Antwoord


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