1. Remove the battery cover and the battery
    • Remove the battery cover and the battery

  2. Remove the 7 silver screws with a Phillips #000 screw driver.
    • Remove the 7 silver screws with a Phillips #000 screw driver.

    • Sometimes the green one could be a little difficult. Use a tweezer for get it out.

    • Lift gently the back cover from the screen assembly from the bottom.

    • Use a flat tweezer for take off the flexible on/off button from the frame.

    • Be careful, the flexible is very delicate; it could be cut if you go too fast.

    • Use a flat tweezer and take off gently Flexible volume button from the left side.

    • Do the same for the right side.

    • Then lift the flex slowly, if you go fast you may cut the cable.

    • Lift the microphone from the logic board.

    • Lift the sensor/earpiece cable with the opening tool.

    • Don't force, you may damage the soldering.

    • Lift the logic board from the right side.

    • Use the removal tool to unplug the display cable from the logic board.

    • You can now separate the Logic board from the display assembly.

    • Use the removal tool to unclip the camera module from the Logic board.

    • Use the removal tool or a spudger to unplug speaker module cable

    • And separate the speaker module from Logic board.

    • Be caution, the module is fixed by plastic teeth to the Logic board. Don't force, just make little wave-movements and the speaker comes on his own.

    • Now you can work with the Logic board.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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