If your blower motor is making noise, you need to check your A/C for leaks inside the car, or you need to remove your instrument cluster you will need to pull one or both of your kick panels. Don't let it get in the way of your doing your own diagnosis and work! This guide uses the passenger side kick panel as the example, the driver's side is basically the same.


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Begin by gently prying out the covers for the screws on the upper edge of the kick panel.
  • Begin by gently prying out the covers for the screws on the upper edge of the kick panel.

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Then remove these screws.
  • Then remove these screws.

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  • Then remove any metal screws, and any plastic trim screws, at the sides of the kick panel below the dash.

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  • Now lower the panel down and rest if on the floor.

  • It can be removed full for further ease of access, depending on the job at hand.

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  • Now you'll want to identify some of the components you are looking at so you can begin working on the one that is having issues.

  • Here are some of the ones you may find. This car is a 1985 300D; if you have an older model the items are likely a bit different.

    • Heater blower motor

    • Over-voltage protection relay

    • Air-conditioning expansion valve

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Dear Nicolas.I have one 123 300D. 1983. This days i have the follow problem.When i turn on the switch the engine heater light just lights with low brightness and the same time the diesel level goes to i turn on the engine the temperature starts going up also and in few minutes time goes until full.if it is night and i turn on the head lights on high beam the engine heat light lights with the high beam light also.After 15-20 minutes time when i driving the car everything return on normal.I check the engine heaters and are battery is new.Please help me were to check and loose this problem.

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