Disassembling the printer is relatively simple, and involving only one screw being removed and some cables being unplugged.

  1. First, begin by removing the printer's hood.
    • First, begin by removing the printer's hood.

      • Open the printer's mouth by simply pulling down on it; there are 2 mouth pieces that need to be pulled down.

    • Adjust the flap covering the scanner upward, as shown.

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  2. Remove the flap for the scanner. The flap is attached with two  clips that can be dislodged by pulling lightly away from the printer.
    • Remove the flap for the scanner. The flap is attached with two clips that can be dislodged by pulling lightly away from the printer.

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    • Locate the three screws on top of the printer.

    • The orange circle shows a fourth screw located behind the power panel. Directions to remove this screw are in a later step.

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    • Remove the three screws from the top of the printer with a T-9 screwdriver as shown.

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    • To access and remove the fourth and final screw attaching the hood, the panel for the power button must be removed as follows:

    • Reach into the mouth of the printer and press on the small clip behind the power button. This allows the panel of the power button to be removed.

    • A picture of the power button panel removed is provided to show the location of the clip that needs to be pressed.

    • After pressing the clip, pull out the power button panel by pulling from right to left.

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    • Remove the exposed screw that was covered by the power button panel.

    • Do not try and torque the screw from an angle. This will ruin the screw's head, and make it even more difficult to remove the screw. Only remove it as already described.

    • This screw is placed awkwardly. We found holding a T9 bit in a pair of needle nose pliers gave us enough leverage to pull it up.

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    • This step is easier with two people. Carefully have one person lift the hood of the printer 2-3 inches above where it was resting.

    • Remove the ribbon cables and wires attaching the motherboard (the only green PCB board) to the hood by gently pulling upward on them.

    • When all three cables are removed, lift the hood away from the printer and set it aside.

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    • After being separated from the printer, the hood is ready to be disassembled.

    • Remove the only screw on the printer hood's underside, as shown. Use a T-9 screwdriver.

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    • With the screw removed, separate the two pieces of the hood by lifting it vertically.

    • Only lift the the top piece enough so that there is no tension applied to the ribbon cables shown.

    • Carefully pull down the white ribbon cable through the top piece of the hood.

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    • Carefully separate the two hood pieces connected by the black ribbon.

    • Set the piece of the hood down such that no stress is applied to the scanner as it is attached by ribbon cable.

    • The printer hood should now be in 2 pieces.

    hi, can assist me on how to replace encoder strip hp d110a. thanks

    Rufai Yusuf - Antwoord


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thanks for this guide. I never would have found that fourth screw without this guide. The illustration of the "clip" for removal of the power quadrant face could have been more detailed and/or you could have said in the description, "Feel for the TAB on the right center of the power button quadrant behind the "cartridge door open" feeler and push it toward the outside of the printer". Other than that, this was great.

Just A Mechanic - Antwoord

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for the guide. Very easy to follow. Saved me some dollars.

joenovelo - Antwoord

Great Support,.!!!

I am a handy person and a Computer tech for family and friends,.

Some time You just need Instruction on how to do do things, Other wise You taking the risks of braking things instead of fixing them

Thanks Guys

Milton Portillo - Antwoord

Thank you for posting this. In place of the pliers, I recommend using a small reversible ratchet offset (mine was 3-1/4"W x 6-3/4"L x 1/2"H) to remove the 4th screw. It won't slide of the screw like pliers and will make both the removal and replacement much easier.

theratchet - Antwoord

Where can I find spare parts for HP PSC photosmart D110?


Carlos Ahumada - Antwoord

Hi please I need some help I have this printer and I can’t print wireless I have an Error says

server connection error

There was a problem conectinng to the server

I try everything no luck I resetting a factory default

no working please sent me any information thanks

Carlos Almachi - Antwoord

Hi I have the same printer I used with the WiFi

all the time I change the company Internet now I can’t connect WiFi I have a message saying

server connection error !!!

please help I did a reset no luck please instructions

how to fix it thanks.

Carlos Almachi - Antwoord

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