Here we'll cover how to remove the bottom hatch of the laptop, how to remove the drive caddy, and how to remove the actual hard drive.


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  1. Gather tools and materials
    • Gather tools and materials

    • Flip over laptop, and remove battery as a safety precaution

  2. If you look at the bottom of the laptop, you will notice that there is a panel that is removable
    • If you look at the bottom of the laptop, you will notice that there is a panel that is removable

    • Unscrew the screws that hold the panel in place

      • Unscrew the screws until they are loose. They will not come out of the panel

    • After loosening all the screws, lift the panel up from the main chassis

      • You may need to use a flathead screwdriver to lift the panel

    • Now we have access to the internals of the laptop, pretty neat

    • If the battery is away from you, the hard drive should be closer towards you on the left

    • Start by removing the screws holding the caddy into the chassis

      • These screws have a more rounded top, and are longer

      • Once loosened, you can remove with your fingers or tweezers, and then set them aside

    • Now we remove the screws holding the drive to the caddy

      • These screws are have a flatter head, and are shorter

      • These are standard drive screws that are used to mount any hard drive to a mounting device, such as brackets to put it in a desktop computer

      • The manufacturer likes to put these in very tightly, and it may take some effort to remove. I suggest using a screwdriver with a bigger handle, not the one I am using

      • Set these screws aside, apart from the screws we removed in the last step

    • Now that the screws are removed, the caddy can be removed from the chassis and drive

    • Pull the black tab on the right side of the caddy, and pull up

      • It might take some wiggling but it should come out

    • Now that the caddy is removed, we can lift the drive out of it's place

    • It should lift out easily, but it will still be attached with a cable

    • Set it aside on top of the optical drive (the metal surface)

    • Now that the drive is removed, we have to remove the cable connecting it to the motherboard

    • It may be hard to do at first, but there are some groves that you can use to hold on to

    • Pull the connector from the drive gently

      • Wiggling the connector a bit does help a little

    • If you found it difficult to remove the drive or the cable connecting the drive to the motherboard, you can remove the whole cable at once

    • If you look to the right of the drive, you will see another tab, this one is black, but I've also seen blue ones

    • Pull this tab gently in order to remove the cable

      • Again, wiggling also helps

    • If you removed the drive using steps 1-7 then what you have should be left in picture 1

    • If you had trouble removing the drive, and you went through to step 8, then the parts remaining will be in picture 2

    • The drive should have a SATA interface, so you should be able to mount it into another computer using 2.5" to 3.5" converter brackets and a SATA cable


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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