The flight controller houses sensors and firmware that are critical to the drone’s functionality. If your drone experiences in-flight drifting or errors with the IMU after calibration, your flight controller board may need to be replaced. To replace the board, you need a JIS #000 screwdriver, a 2mm hex bit, a 1.5mm hex bit, and a metal prying tool. Take special care when removing and installing the U.FL connector.

  1. Use your finger tips to pinch the damaged propeller.
    • Use your finger tips to pinch the damaged propeller.

    • Twist the propeller counterclockwise and pull up to remove.

  2. Remove the eight 7 mm hex screws by turning counterclockwise with a 2 mm hex bit.
    • Remove the eight 7 mm hex screws by turning counterclockwise with a 2 mm hex bit.

    • Pry the LED motor covers off with a metal spudger.

    • The prying location is marked by an indent that points outward from the arm.

    • Pry the paper covering off the four corners with a metal spudger.

    • Remove the twelve 8.7 mm hex screws with a 2 mm hex bit from the motor bases.

    • Flip the drone on its back

    • Remove the eight 4.5 mm hex screws by turning them counterclockwise with a 1.5 mm hex bit.

    • Separate the mesh from the drone by pulling up gently and rocking left to right.

    • The cable connects from the camera to the drone. Pulling up could rip the connection. Tilt the mesh 90 degrees towards the cable.

    • Remove two 1.2mm screws using the JIS #000 bit from the camera cable retaining bracket.

    • Lift the camera connector at one end with your hand and remove the mesh.

    • Remove the two 1.2 mm screws using a JIS #000 bit from the antenna retaining bracket.

    • Pull the four U.FL antennae up.

    • The U.FL antenna connectors are fragile.

    • Remove the two 4 mm screws using a JIS #000 bit.

    • Pry apart the clamshell at the motor end.

    • Separate the clamshell.

    • Two wires connect from the lower frame to the upper frame at the front of the drone. Pulling the clamshell apart hard may damage the connectors and wires.

    • Press the connector tabs with a spudger and pull on the wire simultaneously.

    • Remove the shell from the rest of the drone.

    • Peel the electrical tape off.

    • Unlock the connector by prying up on the black latch.

    • Pull the ribbon cable out with tweezers.

    • Remove the flight controller vibration dampers by pushing the dampers into the mounts with the spudger.

    • Be careful not to tear the rubber isolators. Replace the rubber isolators if damaged.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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