Follow this video guide to decrease interference from the Wifi module and increase GPS signal strength.

The guide instructions are written, and the only audio is music, and will not be suitable for the visually impaired. You can follow our case top shell guide to remove the cover, and watch the video to learn how to move the GPS cable and add shielding.

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  1. Remove the following screws from the underside of the Phantom:
    • Remove the following screws from the underside of the Phantom:

      • Twelve 2.0 mm hex bolts

      • Four Phillips #00 screws

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  2. Gently lift up the top shell case.
    • Gently lift up the top shell case.

    • Do not attempt to fully remove the top shell. The GPS cable is still attached to the mainboard, avoid lifting the case too high or you may damage this connection.

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    • The GPS cable molex connector is located on the backside of the mainboard, near the battery opening.

    • Pull the GPS connector straight up out of its socket.

    • Lift the top shell case up and remove it from the body of the Phantom.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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