LED lights are the lights on your device that turn on to send you different messages about the functioning of your electronic router. If the LED lights on your D-Link router are fading, inconsistent, or completely off at the power up of your device, replacement may be necessary. This step-by-step instructional guide will help you do just that.

  1. Begin by placing the wired router face down.
    • Begin by placing the wired router face down.

    • Locate the two black plastic screw coverings at the top of the device and remove them with your fingers.

    • The two bottom plastic screw coverings do not need to be taken off.

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  2. Using a Philips PH2 screwdriver head, unscrew the two top screws.
    • Using a Philips PH2 screwdriver head, unscrew the two top screws.

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    • Using a plastic opening tool, trace the edges of the router on all sides. Gently pry the device until it eventually snaps open.

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    • Once you have removed the top black case of the router, remove the silver casing surrounding the logic board.

    • It should easily snap out of place.

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    • Locate the two screws at the bottom of the logic board.

    • Using the same PH2 head on your Philips screwdriver, unscrew these screws.

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    • Now that you have removed all screws and the surrounding silver casing, pop the logic board out from the bottom component of the router.

    • You have now removed the logic board from your device.

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    • Locate the problematic LED light on the motherboard.

    • Using a plastic opening tool, very gently tilt its black base backwards.

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    • Using your soft finger, tilt the LED light base backwards so that the actual light is facing upside down, at a 180 degree angle from the others.

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    • With a pair of tweezers, gently pry the LED light back and forth between its connecting wires until it is able to be removed.

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    • You should now have a removed LED light, ready to be replaced with a new one.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.


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