oh and if you need a guide to take the front of the mouse off there is already a guide for that (Disassembling Corsair Vengeance M65 Mouse Body) this is kinda like a continuation of that. Thank user Brett for starting this c:

  1. Let's begin!
    • Let's begin!

    • First, flip it over.

    • Find two Torx screws. Use a T6 Torx driver to unscrew these. I used a small flat head screw driver to unscrew these because I did not have a T6 Torx driver.

  2. BE CAREFUL WITH FLAT-HEAD SCREWDRIVER! Alternatively open it bare handed.
    • BE CAREFUL WITH FLAT-HEAD SCREWDRIVER! Alternatively open it bare handed.


    • Push down where I am pointing out here. It should come apart fairly easily.

    • To open it bare handed, hold M65 with USB cord running straight downwards and force top surface of M65 upwards with your palm then pull M65's rear edge upwardly with your "hooked" fingers of the same hand.

    • BE GENTLE!

    • Wiggle the front of the mouse and gently pull the top half towards the back.


    • There is a ribbon cable and a power cable attached to the top and bottom.

    • SLOWLY! Wiggle the top ribbon cable out of its slot.

    • On the power cable, grip the plug itself and not the wires. Pull the power cable from the bottom.

    • YAY! You got them apart!

    • If you wish to go any further, please do so at your own risk. I have not gone further than this.

    • There are two screws that hold the PCB in place. One is longer than the other. The SHORT one goes to where I am pointing. The long screw holds down a grounding wire. Move the wire out of the way as you take out the board.

    • There is a ribbon cable that I am pointing at which you can pull out. There are some multi-colored wires that are plugged into the board. Wiggle it out. Move it to the side when you take the board out.

    • Now lift the PCB out along with the scroll wheel. There should be some more screws which hold the metal to the plastic. Undo those if you want to.

    • The sides come apart. You must take the mainboard out in order to take the sides off. There are two latches for the left side and four on the right side. The left side also has two screws securing it to the rest of the body.

    • Well the guide to open it is here -->(Disassembling Corsair Vengeance M65 Mouse Body)

    • To open this up i used a RadioShack Precision Driver Set (21 piece) it was the only one i could buy with out going online and it only costed 10 dollars its a good little set for whats its worth, But really anything that can open this is fine.

    • Step 1 Once you opened it remove the power connector

    • Step 2 remove the other connector but me gentle because they do brake/rip easily

    • DO NOT remove the very long ribbon cable unless that's what you need to remove i never tried to remove it because it wasn't what i needed to fix but be careful

    • So when i first opened this i found my power connector in this sorry state but i guess it could have been worse.

    • Step 3 start stripping the wires so that you can solder it, then run the wires threw the hole(Important)

    • Step 4 Dont forget to run the wires threw the hole so that the wires are INSIDE the mouse not outside INSIDE i cant stress this enough. So start soldering the wires red+red,white+ white,green+green,black+black, and that really thick black cable+plus the other thick cable or the silver one

    • Hopefully you have done everything you could and now your mouse is working again!

    • Oh and dont forget to rap the exposed wires in electrical tape (Will post pictures of repaired mouse later)


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Would the PCB boards for the M65 work for the M45 Raptor? My scroll wheel is currently hindering the left and right buttons to work properly. figured I could find a replacement PCB board and swap it out.

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