If your system overheats, in this video we will show you

how to disassemble / take apart Compaq Presario CQ58, clean the Cooling / Fan System and change the thermal Compound / Grease.

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Switch-off the laptop and remove the battery.
  • Switch-off the laptop and remove the battery.

  • Remove the memory cover.

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Remove the HDD cover.
  • Remove the HDD cover.

  • Unpin the HDD.

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  • Near to the WiFi card you can see one screw hole with a keyboard symbol. This screw holds the Keyboard.

  • To remove the Keyboard, you must open 5X locking clips.

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  • Under the Keyboard there are:

    • 4x M2.5x5.0 screws

    • Mouse flex cable connector

    • Power On button flex cable connector.

  • Unscrew the screws on the bottom side of the laptop:

    • 13x M2.5x5.0

    • 3x M2.5x3.0

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  • Use a plastic tool to separate and remove the upper case.

  • Unscrew 5x screws and disconnect:

    • LCD Display cable

    • Additional USB board cable

    • Power jack cable

    • Loudspeaker cable

    • SATA HDD cable

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  • Move a little the LCD display hinge.

  • Remove the board by starting from the right side.

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  • Remove the cooling system.

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  • Open the fan and clean the dust from inside with a soft brush.

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  • Clean the old thermal compound (from the CPU and from the heat-sink system).

  • Put a new thermal compound and start with reassembling.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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A brilliant demonstration really clear and well photographed, only one problem how the !&&* do you get the screws undone mine seem fixed solid

please let me into the secret if there is one.

thanks for the demo anyway.


alma francomb - Antwoord

Thanks for this!

My Son and I have just successfully removed, cleaned and replaced the fan in his laptop by following the instructions above.

Great work.

David Cooper - Antwoord

Thank you a lot !!!!

lone guldbæk kvist - Antwoord

I think i did something wrong? I completed all the steps but my fan (which is brand new) keeps making this scary loud wizzy noise instead of a hum and did i not tightem the screws enough or they to tight?? Please help!

Layla - Antwoord

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