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  1. Appuyez brièvement sur le bouton d’augmentation du volume (1)
    • Appuyez brièvement sur le bouton d’augmentation du volume (1)

    • Appuyez ensuite brièvement sur le bouton de diminution du volume (2)

    • Il faut vraiment appuyer très brièvement

    I have tried this several times and all I get is Siri

    Jacqueline Russell - Antwoord

    Please reply

    Jacqueline Russell -


    please make sure to follow the instructions correctly.

    Quickly press and release the Volume Up button (1).

    Quickly press and release the Volume Down button (2).

    Finally, press and hold the side button (3) until the Apple logo appears, and then release.

    Denis Bonasera -

  2. Pour finir, maintenez le bouton latéral enfoncé jusqu’à ce que le logo Apple apparaisse (3)
    • Pour finir, maintenez le bouton latéral enfoncé jusqu’à ce que le logo Apple apparaisse (3)

    I have done this over and over and every time I hold the side button all I get is Siri. Why?

    Haley Parlin - Antwoord

    Same here… frustrated

    Beth Oancea - Antwoord

    This is not working after several attempts

    Tarine O Connor - Antwoord

    Worked perfect!

    Lea Kaskadden - Antwoord

    I can’t even get it to reset!!!!!!!! The volume button lags my phone what a 15 minute waste of my valuable time

    We are Spoons - Antwoord

    Danke, hat funktioniert!

    Sabine Schattka - Antwoord

    Worked! Thank you!

    Kelley Barry - Antwoord

    Every time I try this, I only get Siri when I press the side button??

    Shauna - Antwoord

    Press the two up and down volume buttons slowly. Then press and hold the lock button for 15-16 seconds. If this does not work tap and slide the manual off button. Wait for phone to turn back on and try this again. I had this happen earlier last year with iOS 13

    Mitch -

    Works every time for me. Just keep forgetting which button is first.

    Maggie Hansard - Antwoord

    Great! Thank you so much!!!

    anoutsia - Antwoord

    Please help. I have this issue and nothing works. I’m alone during this crisis and of course I need my phone. Have iPad but not the same. HELP ME PLEASE. My family is 1500 miles away, I’m alone.

    Gay Mavros - Antwoord

    Hello, please share your problem and we will try to help.

    Provide as much details as possible.

    Denis Bonasera -

    my screen has been stuck on the black screen with the apple logo, i tried this and its still just cycling through turning off and then turning to the black screen with apple logo. it wont actually turn on like its stuck in some loop???

    Rockwell The Great - Antwoord

    My Photos app was frozen with a blank white screen. After following the instructions and then doing the steps the 5th or 6th time to reset my iPhone, it finally reset. And it worked. Whew!

    Michelle Rouch - Antwoord

    yes it worked perfectly thank you sir from india

    venkata ramana - Antwoord

    Please help it didn’t worked, I can reset it and turned it off it has a problem because I can’t enter to my apps either and they don’t work

    Romina Rohde - Antwoord

    Hold the big side button and one of the volume (either up or down) at the same time to shut off. Same for restart.

    seth ahmed - Antwoord

    I am updateing the iOS (I think to 14.4). It is “veryfying” since maybe two hours. When I tried the trick from seth ahmed, it triggers an emergency call with a strange alarming sound, but nothing beyond this. HOW CAN I STOP THIS PHONE? Do I have to wait until the battery is down?

    Willi Brammertz - Antwoord


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Unfortunately this did not work for me. It’s frozen so badly that I cannot even shut it off.

Larry Lambert - Antwoord

same happened to me, did not work

rhayribeiro11 - Antwoord

didn’t work.

Whitley Ambrose - Antwoord

thanks it actually worked

nani_161 - Antwoord

What did you finally do to fix your phone

My xr is frozen and nothing is working

Robin Murray - Antwoord

Thanks, works!

sa-hartmann - Antwoord

Mine didn’t work this phone is garbage I have for 2 days and is not working

jackie e - Antwoord

It worked for me. Thanks

zipizawo - Antwoord

Worked for me. Thanks

Ashley Gihlstrom - Antwoord

This worked :) Thank you so much

vivek sv - Antwoord

Tap the up and down side buttons real fast then hold down the side button on the right until the phone turns off

joel chinloy - Antwoord

thanks it worked!!

Emilia -

doesn’t work

felix - Antwoord

this tip works fine and succes in my ipone. i think this trick only apply if your iphone not entirely frozen or hang. mine cant go to home but still can acces lock screen

dipta dadia - Antwoord

my phone is hang during update 13.3.1 i try to reboot but cant.. pls help me


chetan bairagi - Antwoord

My phone won’t respond to touch it won’t shutdown it won’t reset and it won’t forceable shutdown how do you fix that!?

Bie 53 - Antwoord

Worked on 3rd try! Thank you

broniebee - Antwoord

it did not work at first but i kept trying and it finally shut my phone off . it worked!

Beth Spallone - Antwoord

Thanks! Worked for me

Vikas Bhat - Antwoord

Thanks it did work for me.


I have tried the force restart instructions above, but after the phone shuts down and reboots it stays on the apple logo. Don’t know what to do!

jensencorbin - Antwoord

Did NOT work…what next?

dave gee - Antwoord

didn’t work either for me…

chanseng.sandra - Antwoord

it turned off and then turned back on and is stuck on apple logo.

Natalie Zayas-Bazan - Antwoord

Worked perfectly for me

Edwin - Antwoord

My phone was slammed down still worked perfectly until the battery died. Tried to charge it started charging then shut off and Apple symbol kept blinking off and on and now it is completely dead. Will force restart help that?

Elroy Smith - Antwoord

My ipad did that with the Apple logo flashing. It was the battery. It was the first tablet/phone I worked on myself. When I finally tore down my ipad, the battery was blown up. Once I changed it out, it works fine

Kayla Tobin - Antwoord

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