You will learn how to have access to the LCD screen, which is one of the parts that requires various steps to get to. Using the guide of how to replace batteries as a starting point, would help because the screen is located behind the plate that covers the area where the batteries, cartridge and cutting blade are located. You will review also, how to remove the keyboard as well as the face screen and finally how to replace the LCD screen. This is one of the repairs that requires prerequisites of knowledge of some basics repairs to be able to replace the LCD screen.

  1. Turn the device off.
    • Turn the device off.

    • Turn the brother label maker over and press down on the top part (by the face plate) and push on the circle part with ridges.

    • Gently pull the label maker apart. It will split in half, but be careful with the back piece to prevent any damage.

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  2. For safety precautions, it is advise that you remove the batteries before trying to remove and replace your tape cassette.
    • For safety precautions, it is advise that you remove the batteries before trying to remove and replace your tape cassette.

    • If you're using an AC adapter remove it from the label maker. If using both, do both steps to turn off your label maker.

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    • When inserting the tape cassette it should snap into place. Check to see if the tape is feeding under the tape guides.

    • If the ribbon becomes or is loose, use your finger to wind the white wheel in the direction of the arrow of the tape cassette.

    • Only use Brother TZ tapes with this label maker machine.

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    • Now, that you have inserted the tape, place the batteries back. Make sure they are in the proper direction and place in tightly. Close the label maker, press the power button and is now ready for use.

    • If your using an AC adapter or both batteries/AC adapter, make sure the AC adapter is plugged into the AC outlet. Then place correctly and push in fully to plug-in on top corner on device. Also, check that your batteries are place in correctly, if using both.

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    • After installing the tape press the up key to feed the tape then the cutter button to cut the tape off.

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    • Turn the device to it's side toward the bottom of the keyboard. Then pop open the case and remove the batteries.

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    • Remove back of device and set aside.

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    • Remove all 1/4 inch screws(6 total) with a (+PH00) screwdriver. Open slowly not to damage the display data cable.

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    • Use a plastic opening tool to remove the flat-panel membrane keyboard. Lift up and set aside.

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    • Use a spudger to aid in removing the keyboard.

    • Gently lift out while removing the LCD screen that is connected to the data cable and finishing removing.

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    • In order to start the process of replacing the LCD you would have to go trough the steps as if replacing the cartridge or batteries we show you in this guide to open the device.

    • Once you get to that part, then is time to utilize some "tools." A couple of Phillips screwdrivers will be needed to remove the 5 screws that secure the plate and gain access to the LCD screen.

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    • Once you start working to remove the screws, you'll find one that has a very narrow access, which is where you will need a thinner screwdriver (PH00).

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    • Once you remove the back plate, you will have access to the area where the keyboard is located, so you could use the guide "How to replace the Keyboard" to remove it.

    • Three more screws need to be removed to be able to lift the keyboard.

    • Also, you will have to remove the small metal plate on top of the black connector with the red and black cables.

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    • At this point, you have removed the screws. Carefully follow these steps:

    • Unhook the connector with the orange and blue wire

    • There is also a hook that holds the yellow, red, orange and green cables, the spudger will be all you need to slide them out to unhook them.

    • The black connector with the red and black cables, has to be removed as well. Step 3 was to remove he screw that holds the metal plate that holds it in place, so at this point, just slide upwards.

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    • After removing the last three Philips screws, the keyboard has to be removed. To do so, you'll have to hold it making sure the four hooks with orange circles are properly loose to avoid breaking them.

    • Pull it out, gently bur firmly

    • Make sure once it becomes loose, you can proceed to remove the LCD which is being held by two more hooks marked with orange circles. You will need the Spudger to hold them back while pulling the screen with your other hand.

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    • Keyboard was successfully removed, now, holding the front (keyboard)plate, you'll be removing the face plate.

    • If the face plate doesn't get removed, it will be close to impossible to remove the LCD or you'll find yourself breaking some of the hooks that are holding it on place.

    • Remove and replace the LCD screen making sure the display data cable doesn't get damaged in the process.

    • Follow the steps backwards in the order they were removed, to be able to put the parts together and remain your printing job.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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