You don't always have to go to your carrier to install your SIM card. Installing a SIM card is a relatively easy process. Follow this guide on how to change or install a SIM card for the BLU Studio 6.0 HD.

  1. Begin by making sure your Blu Studio is turned off.
    • Begin by making sure your Blu Studio is turned off.

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  2. To begin the removal of your back panel, first locate the lift tab on the bottom-right corner.
    • To begin the removal of your back panel, first locate the lift tab on the bottom-right corner.

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    • Next, gently slide your thumb (or plastic tool if you prefer) down the seem running the length of your Blu Studio until the rear panel is completely removed.

    • Your rear panel should be placed nearby and in a safe location until you are finished with your task.

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    • Look at the sticker on top of the battery housing and note the model, part number and type.

    • Research this information to find out if you have an unlocked version of the phone.

    • If your phone is unlocked you can use any mobile network SIM card. If not you must replace the SIM card with a card from your carrier.

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    • If necessary slide the unneeded SIM card out of it's slot.

    • Make sure your new SIM card has been activated by the carrier.

    • Take the front end tip of the SIM card (the side with the corner cut) and slide it gently into the SIM card slot.

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    • Turn on your Studio 6.0 and test it to make sure that everything is working.

    • If your phone gives you an error, check your SIM card installation. If everything seems to be correct make sure your SIM card is activated.

    • If everything is working you're good to go.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Okay so my Sim has been working for months just 2 days ago my phone wouldn't turn on and then we'll now it doesn't read the Sim card idk what's going on with this but its getting annoying

caitlin - Antwoord

i know i am having the same issue. it is saying my sim card is off and to turn it on

jsllndr84 -

Its saying my Sim card is do I turn it on.

victor ayitey - Antwoord

I just got this phone and I install the sim card like they say and it still says no sim card

Cheryl Dean - Antwoord

I have activated metro pcs sim. Unlocked blu studio g2 6.0 will not detect sim wtf?

Tim - Antwoord

I got the same case, when I turned off the "airplane"mode, it did not want to read the sim cards. I reset it, with hope of having it repair, without success.

The phone was in perfect conditions until then.

The saddest part is that BLU customer service, if anyone can call it this way, is zero. Nobody replied the emails with a name or answer them in a consecutive order. The question you the answers that were already previously given.

eduardoportero - Antwoord

My blu neo xl will come on. I select the language but it won't let me skip or select any wifi network.

Blaze - Antwoord

It's saying turn SIM card on

Janelle OGilvie - Antwoord

Nobody anywhere, including BLU's site shows how to insert a nano SIM so that the thing is detected. This sucks. M-F support... a bunch of useless unboxing videos. Zero help. And I'm a software guy. I get around devices all day. Dangit.

neillindberg - Antwoord

i have a blu studio g phone which i have installed a tracfone sim card .iis it a micro or nano there are two places to install the simcard.

i installed the micro but its not acknowledging it. My phone has been activated but its not recognizing the sim card, HELP

Sheila Sirois - Antwoord


SIM CARD SLOTS look like there on top of one another and different sizes after many attempts one Sim could be read

now phone will not SWITCH on at all,it's only two days old but I have not been able to use the Pesky thing,well fed up to say the least



Martin Jacques - Antwoord

WAITING TO HEAR FROM CTC601,does anyone know how to fault find these mobile phones with dual sim cards

Martin Jacques - Antwoord

theres no posible way my sim will fit into this slot they are the correct sim cards been working on this for 3 months now is there some sort of tool or adapyter to make this fit?

Pixie Hartigan - Antwoord

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