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Blinking Lights Guide for Krups Nespresso XN 2140

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    • It has 2 lights on top and no power switch.

    • It was seemingly stuck in cleaning mode. I had constant blinking. if i held them both in for 5 seconds, it would go into cleaning mode.

    • If I did the three seconds, it just blinked like it acknowledged my input but it made no difference. Somewhere it said, turn off the power and press lungo for 5 seconds. No power switch on mine.

    • I unplugged it for 10ish. Pressed the lungo for 10ish seconds with it unplugged. Im guessing maybe that was to clear the capacitors? Not an electrical guy, but I have had to do that on computers to help reset things.

    • I plugged it in while holding the lungo button still and waited for 6 more seconds. It seemed to response and started to heat up normally. I hope this helps someone!


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Symptoms: Blinking lights: blink-off-double blink sequence.

Mark guide help me to fix ANOTHER issue: Same model with power switch. A friend gave me after years without use.

Push 3 sec both buttons does nothing.

Push buttons like Mark doen't help

Then I tried not with the LUNGO button but with the short button and noticed this one checks the pump! Switch on with the short button pressed and starta to pump...

As I heve repaired some other kf machines I noticed the pump was working but no water pumped, so the pump was unprimed. I keep trying, the the sound changed and the pump started to work again.

Machine fully repaired without unsecrewing... just "understanding" it.

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