This procedure involves opening up the phone, and removing the battery and the motherboard.

  1. Turn the phone over so that the back cover faces up.
    • Turn the phone over so that the back cover faces up.

    • Locate the groove at the bottom center of the phone.

    • Press the groove with your thumb to release the edge of the case from the phone.

    This verbiage from your camera replacement guide was more effective: Gently lift the back of the phone by sliding your nail into the grove. Start from the bottom and work your finger up along the sides of the phone until the backing is off.

    Allison Monahan - Antwoord

  2. Use your thumb and index finger to carefully open the sides of the phone.
    • Use your thumb and index finger to carefully open the sides of the phone.

    • Start from the bottom and work your fingers up along the sides of the phone until the back cover is completely separated from the body of the phone.

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    • Lift the bottom corner of the battery with your fingers.

    • Remove the battery from the body of the phone.

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    • Use a T3 or T4 (sub-models vary) Torx screwdriver to remove the nine screws shown in the picture.

    • Keep the screws in a safe place.

    Screws should be circled in red to indicate their location.

    Allison Monahan - Antwoord

    I had to use a T3 Torx screwdriver to remove these 9 screws on a STL100-3 model, not a T4 Torx screwdriver.

    dragancelan - Antwoord

    I used a T4 on mine STL-100-2

    Isak Domeij Hilliges - Antwoord

    • Gently lift the plastic housing off the phone and set it aside. You can now see the motherboard.

    The part removed in this step is a cover, not a housing.

    Allison Monahan - Antwoord

    • Use the spudger to detach the green flat-top connector located under the rear camera. Slowly push the connector up and back. Refer to the first and second images.

    • Use the spudger to detach and lift the orange flat-top connector seen in the second image. Slowly push the connector up and back.

    • Then, detach the remaining three flat-top connectors one at a time to release the motherboard from the housing. The third connector is hidden underneath the largest one.

    There are 3 not 2 flat-top connectors for the 3rd step/picture. The 3rd connector is actually right underneath the 2nd one.

    Scorps - Antwoord

    • The motherboard is fragile. Make sure all connectors have been detached before you remove the motherboard.

    • Carefully remove the motherboard and set it aside on an antistatic surface.

    • Depending on the part you bought, you may be able to skip the remaining steps. A complete screen and case assembly can be purchased together. If that's what you have, simply move the motherboard to the new piece and reverse the steps above to reassemble your device. Otherwise, continue with the steps below.

    In the "Rear Camera Replacement" guide, the pictures and steps show disconnecting ribbon cables to remove the motherboard. This step is skipped in this guide.

    Allison Monahan - Antwoord

    • The screen is fragile and may crack if the screws are not removed carefully.

    • Use a T2 Torx screwdriver to remove the first small screw located at the top right. Refer to the second image.

    • Then unscrew the four screws that surround the case. Refer to the third image.

    • Keep all five screws in a safe place.

    Indicate the total number of screws that need to be removed in this step.

    Allison Monahan - Antwoord

    There are a total of 7 screws to remove. I stripped out the top left corner (if looking at the inside of the phone). 7 screws hold the screen in place

    livinginthegump - Antwoord

    This is a tricky removal , be very careful

    cblair2 - Antwoord

    Incorrect instructions. There are 3 screws at the top holding the screen - not 1! Almost cost me a broken phone - thankfully I referred to other online videos before forcing the screen off.

    Michael Kostukov - Antwoord

    • Turn the phone over so that the touch screen faces you.

    • Slide a plastic opening tool around the rectangular edge of the phone to separate the touch screen from the case. Start from either of the bottom corners and work your way around the phone to loosen the screen.

    • The connectors are connected to the phone case. Be careful not to damage them when you separate the screen from the phone case.

    • Gently separate the screen from the phone case. Now, the phone is ready for a new screen.

    Consider adding a caution about the black and gold ribbon cable attached to the screen that could potentially rip out when removing the screen.

    Allison Monahan - Antwoord


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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In the Tools list is a T4 Screwdriver and in Step 4 you write T3 Torx. Wich is the right one and for what kind of Z10 is it (STL100-2, STL100-3, etc.) ?

Stefan Schenk - Antwoord

Torx bits increase in diameter with increases in size and it is very possible to have a driver one size smaller than the head and still drive the screw. You will know you have the correct exact Torx driver for the head you are using when it fits perfectly without any slack. Also, there would be no benefit to them changing screw head sizes during production as all the parts are manufactured with that head in mind. I swapped my screen with a T1 and a T3. However, the looseness of the T3 driver in the screw head that I encountered is a strong indication of the correct size actually being a T4. The T1 wasnt as loose but it WAS loose so I would not be surprised if the smaller heads WERE officially sized as T2. So as long as you have at least a T1 & a T3, you are good to go but a T2 & a T4 is just as good a combination for this fix.

Mian Atif - Antwoord

T2 sent from iFixit didn't loosen the T2 screws on the Z10. Had to pull out a pocket knife and stick the pointed end of the blade into the screw and loosen it a bit before the T2 screw driver would work.

John Nguyen - Antwoord

What was the MPN of the replacement screen you ordered? I too have a RFF91LW and need to replace my screen.

markjennraconsulting - Antwoord

where can i buy replacement screen?

rakeshkota - Antwoord

Ebay, i used a tri point screwdriver to loosen the Rear screws and a slightly to small torx to remove

Aidan Macgregor - Antwoord

j’ai besoin d’un dijital poiur mon telephone blakberry z 10

mourad saida - Antwoord

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