This guide will show you how to replace the [main] LCD screen on the Audiovox CDM-8900.

  1. Remove screw covers (4 in total) using the spudger.
    • Remove screw covers (4 in total) using the spudger.

    • Note: Because the bottom two screw covers are attached with an adhesive, you will not be able to replace them when you reassemble the phone.

  2. Unscrew screws (4 in total) using the Phillips #00 screwdriver
    • Unscrew screws (4 in total) using the Phillips #00 screwdriver

    • Set screws aside carefully as they are small and easy to lose.

    • Tweezers may be useful for removing loosened screws.

    • WARNING: The small electronic components inside the phone are fragile; take care not to damage them when completing this step.

    • Wedge one of the plastic opening tools under the faceplate near the hinge.

    • Insert the second plastic opening tool under the faceplate and slide it around the perimeter, detaching the faceplate from the phone.

    • Slide out the two metal braces located along the sides of the LCD screen.

    • A piece of tape is attached beneath each metal brace; after removing the braces, carefully peel back the tape from both sides of the copper frame.

    • WARNING: Do not detach or tear any wires when completing this step.

    • Using the spudger, carefully separate the black discs (speaker and microphone) from the inside surface of the phone.

    • Note: The smaller black disc is glued down, so you may need to use some force to detach it. Both disks will still remain attached via wires.

    • WARNING: The copper frame is attached to the phone at the hinge. Do not tear the frame.

    • Gently lift the copper frame surrounding the LCD screen.

    • With the copper screen lifted up, gently pull out the ribbon connector and lift out the LCD screen.

    • Insert the ribbon connector of the new LCD screen into the slot in which the old LCD screen was attached.

    • Press the new LCD screen into place and lower the copper frame back down.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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