Some people may be experiencing difficulties trying to charge their Asus TF300T Android Tablet. Although it may seem like the battery is at fault it may actually be a faulty charge port. The charge port can be damaged by dropping the tablet, forcing the charger into the port, and even dust. This replacement guide is a last resort if troubleshooting has failed the user.

  1. Begin the process by making sure that the dock is disconnected and the power is turned off.
    • Begin the process by making sure that the dock is disconnected and the power is turned off.

    • Start by using the plastic opening tool on the side opposite the dock/ charging port. Begin to open the device along the short sides of the tablet.

    • When you have reached the side with the charging/ dock port be gentle with the opening tool due to the thinner plastic that could be broken with excessive force.

    • Once the opening tools have completely made their way around the device use the spudger to separate the back panel from the screen and expose the inside.

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  2. The Asus Transformer series tablets have a hard power switch. This should be turned off before working on the tablet.
    • The Asus Transformer series tablets have a hard power switch. This should be turned off before working on the tablet.

    • Locate the power switch near the power button on the top left. Use a tool to slide it to the position marked 'off'

      • For many repairs, like replacing the screen or digitizer, you do not need to remove the battery once you hve turned the tablet off. Be very careful not to short anything out with metal tools!

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    • Using the Phillips #00 screwdriver remove all of the screws connecting the battery to the mother board.

    • Once the initial screws have been removed as indicated by the photo, use the spudger to remove the cover concealing the the clips for the dock sensor ans a few more screws.

    • Again remove the screws with the same screwdriver and use the spudger to disconnect the spudger sesors from their respective clips.

    • Once the battery is freed use the spudger to remove the battery from its spot

    If you are just going to change screen/digitizer then this step is not necessary.

    Jopose - Antwoord

    Please - what is a spudger?

    Campogirl - Antwoord

    It's the black stick-looking tool shown in the photo. (It's an ESD-safe pry tool.) It's also linked at the top of the guide.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    • With the battery removed, the charging strip is freely accessible with tweezers. Carefully flip up the white retaining flap on the cable's ZIF connector, and slide the cable out.

    Just a heads up. That connector for the charge port cable is a ZIPF connector, so don't just shove the new one in. Lift the white lever on the opposite side of the connector, slide the new cable into the slot, and then push it back down.

    Heather Murphy - Antwoord

    Thanks for the heads up—I updated the step with corrected information. You're absolutely right, yanking cables in and out without properly unlocking the connector is a recipe for problems.

    Jeff Suovanen -

    Completed the repair--thanks for the helpful guide! Unfortunately, it still doesn't recognize the charger (although it charges very slowly) nor the keyboard. Any ideas as to what else it could be?

    krsorensen - Antwoord


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I have a bad charging port on my Asus tablet and bought all the tools described in this tutorial. However the phillips screwdriver recommended is too pointed and will not unscrew any of the internal screws so I could not get very far. Very frustrating. Anyone know which one would work without buying a whole screwdriver kit?

Also, author shows removing battery in order to replace the charging port but wondering if it can be replaced without removing battery. Would save time and make it easier but I'm just guessing since I couldn't even get the screws out at this point.

bgowgiel - Antwoord

To change the charging port, you don't necessary have to remove the battery. You can carrefully change the charging port using a tiny flat screwdriver to translate the strip out of it's place. (excuse my English, i'm french).

So, very good tutorial, it's help me a lot !

targo14 - Antwoord

I think if this is a older machine it would be a good idea to replace the battery at the same time as replacing the charging port, might eliminate problems later.

Teddy Banks - Antwoord

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