A faulty Bluetooth Module can cause delayed or no connection to peripheral wireless devices such as mice, headsets, and microphones. If the problem cannot be solved by installing an update, replacement may be necessary. Follow this guide to replace your Bluetooth Module. Note: Before beginning this guide, remove the battery by referring to the Battery Replacement Guide.

  1. The first step is to remove the battery from the laptop.
    • The first step is to remove the battery from the laptop.

    • Use a plastic opening tool to pull up the four metal latches in the battery cavity that is located on the bottom of the laptop.

    • Do not apply too much pressure. The latches can not be removed and will bend if forced.

  2. Flip the laptop over, and open the display.
    • Flip the laptop over, and open the display.

    • Use a plastic opening tool to lift the edge of the keyboard that is nearest to the screen.

    • Gently lift the keyboard and slide it toward the screen.

    • Do not remove the keyboard completely. This can damage the ribbon cable connecting the underside of the keyboard to the laptop.

    • Use a spudger tool to release the tabs on the ribbon cable ZIF connector that is attached to the underside of the keyboard.

      • Depending on the model, the tabs on this ZIF connector will either flip up toward the display or push out toward the display.

      • Once the ZIF connector tabs have been released, remove the keyboard.

    • Flip the laptop over.

    • Using a Phillips #1 screwdriver, remove the five 5.65 mm screws.

    • The screw that holds the RAM compartment cover may be permanently connected. This screw is the center most screw of the five.

    • Be sure to have a designated place to hold the different sized screws removed in this guide.

    • Remove the lid to the RAM compartment, if possible.

    • To remove the RAM, depress the tabs that are holding it in. These tabs are bound in red in the picture.

    • Use a spudger to unclip the edges of the cover if necessary.

    • The battery is shown still attached in the picture, but it should be removed prior to beginning this guide.

    • Use a Phillips #1 screwdriver to remove one 6.5 mm screw located next to the RAM.

    • Flip the laptop back over, and open the display.

    • Use a Phillips #1 screwdriver to remove the six 5.5 mm screws on the inside covering.

    • Detach the five plastic clips holding the upper and lower halves of the laptop together. These can be undone by carefully running a plastic opening tool between the top and bottom casing. There will be an audible audible "click" as the clips come undone.

    • The top plastic is fragile. There are also two miniature LEDs exposed along the top edge of the bottom casing at the bottom right that are easily damaged.

    • Once the five clips have been undone, carefully remove the upper half of the laptop.

    • Detach the track pad ribbon by using a plastic opening tool to raise up the black pad.

    • Detach the Bluetooth wire located below the fan by gently pulling it upward.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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