• Deconstruct the iMac keyboard
  • Clean the PCB Membrane
  • Repair any faulty connections
  • Re-construct the keyboard


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  1. You will need 1 conductive pen and a small crosshead screwdriver
    • You will need 1 conductive pen and a small crosshead screwdriver

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  2. Turn the keyboard over and remove all the screws from the back.
    • Turn the keyboard over and remove all the screws from the back.

    • Lever open the bottom of the keyboard and carefully remove the screws from the metal holder.

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    • Once you've removed all the screws from the metal holder, carefully lift and pull all the top elements of the keyboard backwards together, leaving the white key holder on the floor.

    • Gently place the white key holder to one side, don't tip it or you could lose some of the key nodules.

    • Place the metal holder back into the keyboard retainer as in picture 2. Then gently fold the membrane back into place.

    • At this stage if you can see any liquid residue or dirt on the membrane use a very lightly damp cloth to clean, or a some baby wipes.

    • Do Not use lighter fluid, turpentine, or nail polish remover. Anything strong like this could destroy the membrane.

    • Once you think you've got any dirt or residue you can off the PCB membrane, let it dry and move onto fixing the keys.

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    • Collect one of the rubbery nodules from the white keyboard piece we put to one side.

    • Plugin the keyboard to a PC/MAC, and using this on the various key points, you can gently press in the emulate a keystroke

    • Press every key around any broken keys to figure out where the issue is.

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    • There are 3 plastic membranes, the key presses are created by the top layer points pressing against the bottom points.

    • in between the top and bottom layers is a clear piece of plastic membrane.

    • The key to repairing any broken keys is to find them, then follow the green line for each broken key back to the next key that works.

    • Once you find a key that works on the same green line as your broken one, you can...

    • Draw a line with your conductive pen to connect the broken and working key.

    • Remember, only on the same green line. If you cross lines your keys will not work correctly.

    • You can see the dark lines on my pictures connecting the broken keys. In some cases, i've gently scratched away the green covering to expose the wire underneath, and connected my keys to that instead of drawing a long messy line.

    • Often the key doesn't work without drawing lines on the top and bottom PCB membrane. Both sides will use slightly different routes, so remember to follow your green lines carefully.

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    • Once you're confident you've sorted all the broken keys, bring back your white keyholder... Gently, check all the little rubbery nodules are in place in the keys.

    • Carefully bring the rest of the keyboard to the top of the white keyholder and fold the membrane over the top of the keys.

    • Carefully place the metal holder on top of the membrane. Checking that you haven't dislodged any of the rubber nodules.

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    • Begin screwing all those pesky little screws back into place.

    • Don't forget to screw back in the front faceplate for the white keyholder.

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Nice description, thanks!

At step 6, I think it is worth reminding to not forget to put back the tiny LED device before bringing the membrane and metal holder,

as one may very easily either fall down at step 3... or forget to replace it before screwing back all the 30 screws!

Doing and un-doing is always working, I know...!

Jean Luc - Antwoord

I have this keyboard and decided to clean it. Unfortunately I did clean the main plastic key holder under sink water. That was a bad idea as water soaked the entire menbrane. Now only the keypad and some other keys works, the rest is dead. Any chance to recover it fully?

Ricky Rich - Antwoord

just open it again and dry it out and then try again. the water is causing shorts between connections

Lurs hammy76 -

This is a very good guide. I had one spill after another and a few keys on left side no longer worked. I cleaned the keyboard and left it disassembled to dry out for a week. I was hoping a simple cleaning would help. It didn’t. Since conductive pens are a bit pricey in Canada I decided to test by using tiny bits of foil where I knew I had a faulty key or break to be sure a pen would work. With the foil I can get most of the keys to work but not all. Do you think a pen will produce better results or is it done ?

El Pa - Antwoord

I think the pen should work. Note what the author said about possibly needing to scrape the insulation off a lead before connecting. Try that and the foil should give a positive indication.

Don Ellis -

Note the author’s comment about possibly having to scrape off the insulation on a lead before applying conductive ink. Same advice should make a difference on your foil test.

Broken leads or dirt accumulation are the most likely reasons for this keyboard to fail. Other failures (decoder chip, USB interface) would show much more drastic symptoms than a few lost keys.

Don Ellis -

You mentioned that conductive pens are a bit pricey in Canada. I found a CAIG Circuitwriter Conductive Pen on the peg at MicroCenter @$19.99. Price tag covered instructions. Once I was ready to try it, I downloaded instructions, first for the Chemtronics CircuitWorks Conductive Pen (5 minutes dry tack-free, conductive in 30 minutes). Realized my attempt wasn’t tack-free, so I looked further and found the instructions from the package online. Allow 24 hours to dry, cure with 40W bulb @6” 4 hours. Not the same! Also noticed the store UPC covers a Radio Shack UPC. If this has a shelf life of up to 2 years before purchase, how fresh is it?

Just now I tried to find the item online at MicroCenter in order to give this information and the only ink they advertise is Bare Conductive Electronic Paint — $11.99. Much better price, and shouldn’t be much more for you.

Don Ellis -

On my keyboard, the first screws on the outside are hex head, not cross head. I don’t have an Allen wrench that small, but I was able to find a Torx T5 wrench that would fit inside the Allen head. Thinking about using my BluFixx liquid plastic kit to make a real Allen wrench head for it, but this is working for now.

Don Ellis - Antwoord

My keyboard also has the hex head on the outside. The T5 worked well.

Were you able to repair your keyboard trace ? I was able to repair all the problematic keys except the spacebar. All the keys around the spacebar are working perfectly, no other breaks on the traces and no lines crossed. I spent a full month staring at it!

El Pa -

After getting the correct instructions, I found that the CAIG pen is very hard to squeeze, resulting in unsteady, heavy line. Any pen should probably be shaken with an engraver of similar tool, especially if it’s getting old (Chemtronics claims a freshness date — look for one!). My first repair was successful, allowing me to test for other breaks. No need to use the rubber cups; pressing on the top membrane with a finger will contact the bottom membrane.

Breaks were very hard to see; used Ohmmeter to find lands that should be connected. Also hard to remove insulation without removing trace as well (no green paint on top). Maybe need to scratch fine line along trace with X-Acto knife to get through to conductor, without going to the side?

Next break is on top membrane; much harder to test or stabilize while drying. About ready to persuade wife to settle for used or generic replacement. :-P

Don Ellis -

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