If your system overheating you must to clean the Heatsink system and/or change the thermal paste compound.

You must be very careful when you working with the motherboard. There are small components that can easily pulled down.

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  1. Switch-off the laptop.
    • Switch-off the laptop.

    • Remove the battery and the DVD drive.

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  2. Unscrew 2x screws M 2.5x8.0
    • Unscrew 2x screws M 2.5x8.0

    • With a plastic tool remove the Memory RAM / Hard Drive / Wifi Cover Door

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  3. RAM doesn't need to come out for mainboard removal, although it takes half a second to remove it.

    Steve Rand - Antwoord

    The black antenna cable needs to be picked out of the groove so that it can pass through the hole of the chassis later for mainboard removal.

    Steve Rand - Antwoord

    • The Keyboard is held by 6x locking clips at up and 2x at both sides.

    • Use plastic tool to unlock 6x upper clips.

    • Disconnect the keyboard flex cable and you are ready to install the new keyboard.

    • More detailed information for this step you can found in this manual: Acer Aspire E1-571 - Keyboard Replacement

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    • Now is time for screws :)

    • 16x M3.0x8.0

    • 2x M2.5x5.0

    • 3x M2.0x3.0

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    • Power switch cable connector

    • Mouse cable connector

    • Use plastic tool to separate the upper case.

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    • Remove the 2x screws and disconnect 5x flex cable connectors:

      • 2x Loudspeakers cable connectors

      • LCD Display cable connector

      • Microphone cable connector

      • USB board flex cable connector

    • Don't forget to remove the Card Reader Blanking Plate.

    • To take out the Motherboard, pick-up it first from the right side (near to the DVD drive connector).

    At this point, the black antenna cable can be pulled through the hole in the mainboard. It is also held to the mainboard with tape on the left hand side (the grey path in the picture, from the hole in the mainboard up across the heatsink/radiator and over the top-left mainboard screw.

    Steve Rand - Antwoord

    • Disconnect the Power /Charging cable connector from the back side of the Motherboard.

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    • 3x screws hold the fan to the Motherboard.

    • Another 4x screws and you can open and clean the fan from inside.

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    • Clean the radiator by using soft brush.

    An aircompressor or a can of compressed air from a hobby or electronics shop will blast the dust out of the fins more effectively. On models with a secondary graphics chip (chip would be in the blank spot at the top-left of the second picture), the heatpipe comes down and turns and then travels across the CPU next to the CPU heatpipe and then joins to a much larger radiator with longer fins and is much harder to clean.

    Steve Rand - Antwoord

    • Remove the heat sink system.

    • Careful remove the old thermal patse from the Processor and from the Head-sync system.

    What did you use to remove the old thermal paste? Did you use Arctic Silver ArctiClean?

    leolinolam - Antwoord

    Models with secondary graphics cards have two more screws to release the GPU heatsink. The heatpipe for the GPU and CPU are bonded together and go to a larger radiator.

    Steve Rand - Antwoord

    • Put a new thermal paste. Cover the entire surface of the CPU crystal.

    • Install the Heat-sync system and screw the screws at a few steps.

    Cleaning the factory paste off is usually easy due to it going brittle and no longer sticking well. I use a soft facial tissue to scrape the CPU and GPU clean and then apply Arctic Silver 5 paste to my finger tip and paint it onto the chip fairly evenly.

    Steve Rand - Antwoord

    Place the heatsink on the chip and give it a little jiggle around to spread the paste a tiny bit, locate all four screws and do them up very loosely, then tighten one finger-tight, then diagonally across, then back to the first side, then the last screw. Repeat again but doing them up until they stop. This evenly-tightened method will help the heatsink sit flush with the chip and help spread the heatpaste evenly.

    Steve Rand - Antwoord

    • Assemble the laptop and after switch-on it check is the fan working.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Sir acer e1 571 me cpu kon sa hota hy matlb uska no kya hota hy core i5 kaa hmko confrm karna hy kyu ki maine apna lapie dukan pe diya tha aur mujhe dr hy ki wo nera cpu to nhi change kardiya

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This video was a lifesaver. It helped me take apart My E1 in order to replace the thermalpaste and cleanup he cooling. Big Thanks!

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Thank You, this worked great on an Acer V3-571, totally removed cooling/fan issues, Thank You.

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