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  1. 卸下下列十个螺丝
    • 卸下下列十个螺丝

    • 3个 14.4 mm Phillips #00 螺丝

    • 3个 3.5 mm Phillips #00 螺丝

    • 4个 3.5 mm 肩部 Phillips #00 螺丝

    • 装回小螺丝时,将其垂直于外壳的轻微弯曲对齐(不是直着往下对齐的)。

  2. 使用手指从靠近MacBook 风扇处撬开背盖。 移走背盖、
    • 使用手指从靠近MacBook 风扇处撬开背盖。

    • 移走背盖、

  3. 使用撬棒边缘处来将电池连接器从逻辑板插座上撬起。 使用撬棒撬起连接器的两个“短边”有助于断开连接。 小心对连接器进行操作,连接器很容易断开。
    • 使用撬棒边缘处来将电池连接器从逻辑板插座上撬起。

    • 使用撬棒撬起连接器的两个“短边”有助于断开连接。 小心对连接器进行操作,连接器很容易断开。

  4. 稍微弯折连接器,使其远离逻辑板,来确保您进行其他操作时不会意外的重新连接。
    • 稍微弯折连接器,使其远离逻辑板,来确保您进行其他操作时不会意外的重新连接。

  5. 松动在硬盘支架与顶壳固定的2个Phillips螺丝。
    • 松动在硬盘支架与顶壳固定的2个Phillips螺丝。

    • 这两个螺丝将仍然在硬盘驱动器支架上。

  6. 移除硬盘支架。
    • 移除硬盘支架。

    • 硬盘支架可能与顶壳连接的很紧。

  7. 使用粘在硬盘上的拉手将硬盘拉出。
    • 使用粘在硬盘上的拉手将硬盘拉出。

    • 切勿完全将硬盘取出,它仍与硬盘驱动电缆相连。

  8. 将硬盘驱动电缆从硬盘上拉出。 移走硬盘。
    • 将硬盘驱动电缆从硬盘上拉出。

    • 移走硬盘。

  9. 从硬盘侧面卸下四个r 6.0 mm T6 Torx硬盘固定住。 将固定住安装在新的硬盘上。


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You saved me $150 by helping me replace my hard drive on my own! Thank you!!! I know where to turn when my mac acts up now!!

Jennie - Antwoord

In case you need to install/reinstall your OS, the new MBPs no longer come with an install disc. To install your OS you will need to hold down CMD + R while booting up until it chimes. It will then walk you through the process.

Lynzi - Antwoord

After holding command + R during start up I ran into a problem using Time Machine trying to restore all the files in my system. Apparently the Samsung solid state SSD 859 EVO drive I put in first needs to be formatted before Time Machine can even recognize it! No error message appeared, but no destination disk could be located. Apparently that's what happens with an unformatted hard drive. The solution is to select Disk Utilities in the first window seen after pressing command +R. Then In the left sidebar I could see all the drives including the external hard drive with my Time Machine back up and also the Samsung solid state hard drive I installed. With the newly installed hard drive selected, use the default erase and re-formating options and click on ERASE (this will also format the erased drive). This operation was very quick. I then returned to Time Machine and voila, the hard drive was locatable as a destination disk.

Martin Kluger -

To the people that this still doesn’t work, try pressing cmd+alt+R, after connecting to WiFi go to Disk Utilities, format the new hard drive, and then you can proceed to restore or clean install iOS.

Felipe Mail-no-principal -

I needed to install the OS X in the new HD using a USB (manual in applesfera), then I was surprised when after do all this guide I see a message "Can't verified the copy...." I fixed reinstalling my old HD, and run the old OS, changed the date and time, I change again the HD, but (this is the important) don't pull off the battery connector. If you disconnect the battery, the system lost the date and time and yo can't install the OS X with and USB. I don't test the cmd + R option.

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