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2005-2010 Honda Odyssey Oil and Oil Filter Replacement

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    • Either using a jack and jack stands or using a professional lift if you have one or using ramps or driving up on a curb, lift your vehicle up

    • Using a 17mm wrench or socket and rachet, loosen the oil drain plug, it should be labled on the oil pan.

    • Once loose, unscrew the bolt. Make sure you have a pan of some sort to catch the old oil. There is about 4.5-5 quarts of oil in this engine. Let the oil drain out.

    • Caution

    • A hot engine can have hot oil which can burn you as well. Make sure to be careful with hot oil.

    • Oil also stains pavement very easily so handle with caution as it doesn't look good on pavement and can be a hazard as it is slippery. Also be sure to recycle your old oil at your local recycling center or at your nearest auto parts store.

    • Caution

    • Be careful since the exhaust pipe is right next to the oil pan. If the car is hot, the exhaust pipe could burn your skin.

    • You may want to let the car cool down to make sure that you don't burn yourself

    • On the oil drain plug there should be a gasket. If not, it's probably stuck on the oil pan where you took out your oil drain plug. If you still don't see it there, someone forgot to put a new gasket on the drain plug.

    • Most manufactures recommend to replace this gasket, but these gaskets can be reused 1 or 2 times. If your gasket is cracked or is brittle, your gasket needs to be replaced. If it looks okay and you need to save money, you can reuse this plug and shouldn't have any issues.

    • After all the oil has drained out of the pan, put the drain plug back into its hole(it's okay if some old oil is still dripping out).


    • Don't overtighten the drain plug as it can mess up the threads and cause you to destroy your oil pan. Make sure to tighten the plug until you feel resistance, then snug it a little bit. Then, tighten it 1/4 more and that's it.

    • To be specific if you have a torque wrench, tighten it down between 15-20 lb-ft.

    • Now find your oil filter. It should be near the oil pan by the front passenger tire. To help prevent a big mess, use some tinfoil around the front cross member to help guide the oil to your catch can.

    • Try to loosen your oil filter, if it's stuck on, use some oil filter pliers. You can buy them at your local auto parts store. The filter simply screws on with threads.

    • Oil will drain out of the filter and there is oil inside the filter so make sure you flip it upside down after you take out the filter.

    • Oil filters are specific for each car so make sure to look it up online. Make sure you don't see a gasket where the oil filter goes, if you do, remove it.

    • Thread on your new oil filter and ONLY HAND TIGHTEN! Do not use a pair of oil filter pliers to tighten it down.

    • Fill up the car with SAE 5W-20 oil. To check the amount of oil needed, look it up in your owners manual.

    • After you filled the oil up with the correct amount of oil, look for leaks underneath the car. If you see none, start the car and reset the oil life monitor, instructions can be found in the owners manual.


You're done!

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