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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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kudos for making the video. The main reason I like to “see” these jobs done is to know what to expect before I start a job. I haven’t seen an impact screw driver in forty years though!

Stephan Eichinger - Antwoord

Change your video… 80K views for a non-pro... The slots in the surface are for Gas Evacuation; ie: from the resin in the pads. The slotted rotors fins are for cooling. If you are in there for rotors: Why Not pull the pads ( and de-glaze with some emery-paper on a true surface). Pull and lube the sliders and re-anti-seize the pad-backs and clips ? ps: Compress the pistons makes sure they slide. This is basic brake-care and you should get at least two pads sets to one rotor replacement. ps: Don’t learn from me- i ain’t no pro. pps: Me too with a rotor-parts mix-up even after watching the 'Pro's' at SouthmainAuto and Ericthecarguy.

paul rattenbury - Antwoord

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