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This guide shows how easy it is for someone with little skills to easily change brake pads & rotors in a Minivan. 2 bolts, and all by hand afterwards.

  1. Loosen the lug nuts one half turn while the tire is still on the ground.  A large amount of force may be required and the tire will just rotate if the car is on jackstands.
    • Loosen the lug nuts one half turn while the tire is still on the ground. A large amount of force may be required and the tire will just rotate if the car is on jackstands.

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  2. After jacking up the car PLACE JACK STAND(S) under the car for safety, THEN take off the wheel.
    • After jacking up the car PLACE JACK STAND(S) under the car for safety, THEN take off the wheel.

    • Take a 13/16" socket and breaker bar to remove the lower caliper bolt. A large amount of force may be required.

    • Take the 13/16" socket and remove the upper caliper bolt. A large amount of force may be required.

      • When reassembling the torque for these bolts is 126 ft lb.

    • Be ready when the two bolts are backed out enough, as the caliper will be free to fall. The bolts don't have to come out all the way for the caliper to be free.

    • You MUST not allow the caliper to hang by the brake line. Have a milk crate and wood ready to hold it up.

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    • This is the caliper freed from the car and supported.

    • One should take off the brake fluid resevoir cap, since later we'll be pushing old pads back, and raising the overall level.

    • The cap itself says to clean it first.

    • If the fluid has been "topped off" at any time, then one will have to pay attention to overflow during later steps. If the fluid hasn't been altered since new, then there should be no worries.

    Do not push fluid back into the master cylinder! When you start pushing the piston inti the caliper open the bleeder valve to drain the fluid. If you force fluid back through the system you can screw up your ABS.

    carl920 - Antwoord

    Thank you 2 !!!

    slarsen344 - Antwoord

    • The new pads are thicker than the old, so the piston will have to be pushed back. Leave the old pad in place for now since the piston is hollow. Use the C-clamp or a disc caliper tool to gently push the piston back. Go slow and steady - you are forcing brake fluid back up to the reservoir and it needs time to equalize the pressure.

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  3. Verspreid de kerstsfeer
    Krijg 12€ korting op je aankoop van 50€ of meer met de code FIXMAS12
    Verspreid de kerstsfeer
    Krijg 12€ korting op je aankoop van 50€ of meer met de code FIXMAS12
    • The old pads now come out by hand. Some jiggling may be necessary, but in my application, I didn't even have to tap them with anything. The pads sit passively in little channels, and come out towards the inside. There should be little clips remaining.

    • The new pads are thicker than the old, obviously.

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    • The pads ride in a carrier that's free to move in and out. These two shots show fully IN, and fully OUT. We will later have to grease these slides.

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    • The new pads will come with little clips that help secure the pads in place. Look carefully at the clips as they come out by hand, and match the new ones (that come with the pads) accordingly.

    • The 2nd shot shows a new clip peeking out from the near side of the carrier.

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    • If the carrier can't move freely back and forth, uneven pad wear can result. The pads should come with a tiny tube of high temperature grease. Carefully ease back the boots from the slides, and grease both rails. There's 2 for each side of the car, so budget accordingly.

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    • With the caliper moved aside and supported, the rotor comes right off by hand. In my case, it was not rusted solid in any way.

    • A peek at the old rotor alongside for no reason.

    • Make sure to use a good quality brake cleaner on the new rotors and do not touch it with your bare hands after cleaning.

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    • The red/pink goo is Anti-Squeal, which when put on the back of the pad, can later prevent high pitch squealing. It takes a while to dry, so one might put a light coating on the pads before beginning....

    • The pad goes into the carrier, inside the channels defined by the clips, and up against the retracted piston. One can see here the tabbed-end of the pad, in the carrier's channel, and the clip peeking out, keeping order....

    • The business end of the new pad.

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    • The partner-pad also slips in fairly easily. It would angle around a bit trying to get it in right, but not enough to have to pick up a tool to tap it in.

    • It's remarkable the ferocious heat and energy going through brakes, and it's all in there by hand.

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    • With the two 13/16" bolts back in, it's DONE!

    • You might choose a smidge of anti-seize on the 13/16" bolts, so that they'll come off next time.

    • The other side of the car is done the same way of course.


    • After the car is safely lowered and you start it up, the brake pedal will go the floor several times as the system pressurizes. You'll hear a noticeable clicking from the pedal. This is the "Apply brake to shift" mechanism. It will settle down as the brake pedal firms up. It took about 5 or 6 slow/gentle applications.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Thank you ! !

slarsen344 - Antwoord

Very precise and effective instructions. Sincere thanks. At 73 years of age I am happt to be able to do these things thanks to help like you offer.

george maceachern - Antwoord

Excellent instructions. Did rear pads and rotors on my ford explorer. Same exact steps for dodge grand caravan. Great diagrams and instructions:)

Jim ruot - Antwoord

Thanks very much, this is an excellent guide.

devinesm - Antwoord

I have a 2006 dodge caravan, when we put new rotates and pads on and did everything right ,when we tested the brakes the tire wouldn't turn,it was like locked up why or how do we fix this,we ended up putting the old pads and rotar back on because we tried 2 different size pads but same thing happened again.HELP CHERYL Portland Oregon

Cheryl Steen - Antwoord

the problem has to be one of two things, mechanical (bad fit of metal parts, pads wrong size) or hydraulic (fluid pressure not releasing when brake pedal is released or has not been depressed. Or, your parking brake could be on?

josephbodden -

Help My pads and roters when put new ones on my tires ceize up the hose are clear that carry the break fluid to and from the calipers, and still they are scizeing up what can this be?

Cheryl Steen - Antwoord

Nice description n easy to follow instructions

Byron J Le Blanc - Antwoord

I already did my brake job but couldn't find the torque spec. This site is thorough and comprehensive. I wish I had seen this before I put the tires back on. Fantastic explanations and pictures are spot on!

Donald Sorensen - Antwoord

Thanks so much! I lost my manual and just don't want to bother watching long boring videos when a quick step by step is all that is necessary!

I haven’t done a brake brake job in years and was concerned about special tools, didn't need any. Only took an hour.

One point though: all modern cars are all metric (except body bolts on US built cars, usually), this actually took 19mm and 22mm sockets.

Russell Courtenay - Antwoord

I have a 2000 dodge caravan and need this done and I am wondering what would be a fair price for me to pay someone to do it?

Christine Elizabeth - Antwoord

It's very likely that any shop that you'd take your car to will want to replace all pads and rotors. They also don't like you supplying the parts. This way I was quoted $680 for brakes all around in Scarborough, Toronto - ON.

So just replaced the pads myself with premium pads And it only cost me $74 plus my 2-3 hours (I didn't rush though)

Andrew T -

Great post! Helped me take out the guess work from what wrench I will need! The Allen keys were just right!

Thanks buddy!

Andrew T - Antwoord

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