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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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I owned a 2002 Wrangler. Something you should add to your tutorial video is the blower motor resistor module. Each setting on the speed switch (except maximum and off) go through one of the resistors inside that module. On my “02 model, the module was located in the spaced just behind assembly you removed to fix your speed switch. It’s accessible by removing the glove box door. If you want to verify the module before buying a new and replacing the existing one…each of the resistors can be tested with a common digital electronics multimeter. Disconnect the cable from the module first. Then with your multimeter in ohms (resistance) mode…verify each resistor shows a value greater than “0” or “OL” (meaning it’s burnt out and no connection is left inside the module).

One last note, the resistor module I bought from Advanced Auto Parts bore a “Mopar” emblem and part number. Same part your Jeep dealer charges three times more for is available at your favorite local parts shop.

—- Bill (aka LotsaCaffeine)

William Turner - Antwoord

I have a 04 Unlimited Wrangler. The fan speed control knob is always breaking I get about 2-3 years and it always seems to happen in the colder times of the year here in the Midwest. Just been keeping a spare in the glove box. What happens is on the back of the knob there is a metal band opens up slightly and the plastic cracks that goes over the metal shaft on the control. This lets the flat keyed plastic roll over the metal shaft of the control. I’ve had it go from barely working and eventually catching to just a free spin and no resistance pulls right off. Just an FYI to check the knob its self because it can mimic a bad switch and cause the fan to work erratically, once the band lets the plastic start to crack. My experience anyway. Liked the video btw.

Brian - Antwoord

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