Downgrading your iPod Touch is a somewhat involved process, but it can be useful. For example, it can be used to downgrade a device to a iOS version that can be jailbroken.

Important: While it is very difficult to brick these devices doing a firmware downgrade, it is possible.

The effectiveness on this guide will vary. While most devices are easy to downgrade, some are difficult or impossible to downgrade.

  1. Create a folder called Downgrade on your desktop.
    • Create a folder called Downgrade on your desktop.

    • Download the following items:

  2. First, open TinyUmbrella.
    • First, open TinyUmbrella.

    • Open the Advanced tab and enable Save ALL Available SHSH.

    • Wait for your device to show up under Connected Devices, then click on it.

    • In the top right corner, click the Save SHSH button.

    • Connect your iPod to the computer, then turn it off.

    • If this was done correctly, iTunes should say your device is in Recovery Mode.


      • Hold down the power button for three seconds. Don't release it yet!

      • Hold down the home button for ten seconds. Don't release it yet!

      • Release the power button, but do not release the home button for another 15 seconds!

    • After you've held the home button for fifteen seconds, you should see a black screen. If so, you are in DFU mode.

    • Do some resaearch and see which firmwares your saved SHSH blob can be used with. These are the firmwares that you can downgrade to.

    • The primary reason to downgrade is jailbreaking. If this is the case, research the firmware options and see if they can be jailbroken. Try the highest saved SHSH and work your way down.

    • When you find a firmware that you can jailbreak, download that firmware. Most firmware files can be found here.

    • Save it in the "downgrade" folder.

      • iOS 4.2.1 Firmware

    • Open TinyUmbrella and start the TSS server. After that, open iTunes. If iTunes detects your iPod is in Recovery Mode, you are in DFU mode.

    • If you are on a Windows system, press Shift. If you are on a Mac, hold down Opt. After doing that, click Restore iPod...

    • If you did this right, you will get a file chooser. Select the IPSW you want to downgrade to. THIS IS THE POINT OF NO RETURN. If you want to do it, click Open.


Well done. If all went well, you'll have a freshly downgraded device. Good luck!!!

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