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如果你的主板(或者其他板,HDMI, USB,等等)出现故障并且需要更换它,本指南可以帮到你。注意任何自行更换配件和拆解都会使索尼的质保失效。


  1. 将PS4翻转使底面朝上。
    • 将PS4翻转使底面朝上。

  2. 撕除PS4后部的四个封帖。 移除任何一个封帖将会使你失去索尼的质保。
    • 撕除PS4后部的四个封帖。

    • 移除任何一个封帖将会使你失去索尼的质保。

  3. 卸下4颗PS4后部的9mm TR9 内凸梅花螺丝。
    • 卸下4颗PS4后部的9mm TR9 内凸梅花螺丝。

  4. 保持设备底部朝上,向上抬起设备后侧以卸下底部外壳。
    • 保持设备底部朝上,向上抬起设备后侧以卸下底部外壳。

  5. 卸下3颗固定电源供应组件的9mm TR9 内凸梅花螺丝。
    • 卸下3颗固定电源供应组件的9mm TR9 内凸梅花螺丝。

    • 卸下2颗4mm Phillips #1螺丝。

  6. 从电源供应上拔下电源供应的连接器。 抬起电源供应单元以将其从盒子上卸下。
    • 从电源供应上拔下电源供应的连接器。

    • 抬起电源供应单元以将其从盒子上卸下。

  7. 向下按压金属释放条,并小心地拉出扁平线缆以从光驱上断开扁平线缆的连接。这不需要用很大力。 从主板上断开线缆另一端;请确认向下按压了金属释放条,并小心地拉出扁平线缆。
    • 向下按压金属释放条,并小心地拉出扁平线缆以从光驱上断开扁平线缆的连接。这不需要用很大力。

    • 从主板上断开线缆另一端;请确认向下按压了金属释放条,并小心地拉出扁平线缆。

  8. 从主板上拔下光驱线。
    • 从主板上拔下光驱线。

  9. 从主板上拔下WIFI线。
    • 从主板上拔下WIFI线。

  10. 卸下4颗9mm TR9 内凸梅花螺丝。
    • 卸下4颗9mm TR9 内凸梅花螺丝。

    • 卸下5mm Phillips #1螺丝。

  11. 卸下WIFI天线。
    • 卸下WIFI天线。

  12. 向上抬起并卸下光驱。
    • 向上抬起并卸下光驱。

  13. 将设备翻转并卸下左侧顶盖。(按压向外推然后向上抬即可将其卸下。)
    • 将设备翻转并卸下左侧顶盖。(按压向外推然后向上抬即可将其卸下。)

  14. 卸下两颗9mm TR9内凸梅花螺丝。
    • 卸下两颗9mm TR9内凸梅花螺丝。

    • 卸下5mm Phillips #1螺丝。

  15. 抽出并卸下硬盘盒。
    • 抽出并卸下硬盘盒。

  16. 向上抬起顶盖的前部并向向后滑动。
    • 向上抬起顶盖的前部并向向后滑动。

  17. 卸下12颗9mm TR9内凸梅花螺丝。
    • 卸下12颗9mm TR9内凸梅花螺丝。

  18. 卸下2颗9mm Phillips head #1 螺丝。 卸下金属支架。
    • 卸下2颗9mm Phillips head #1 螺丝。

    • 卸下金属支架。

  19. 向上抬起并卸下金属屏蔽盖。
    • 向上抬起并卸下金属屏蔽盖。

  20. 从主板上小心向上撬动并拔下三线插头。 从主板上小心向上撬动并拔下三线插头。
    • 从主板上小心向上撬动并拔下三线插头。

  21. 抬起并卸下主板。
    • 抬起并卸下主板。

    • 卸下主板需要分离处理器及散热片之间原厂的散热胶。在你重新组装你的设备时,需要重装一层新的散热胶。参考本指南以了解更多。



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Regarding the three wire plug in step 20 - is there a good way to repair this piece if, say, you pulled the wires out of the connector by accident? is there a place to get a replacement part?

Ryan Statz - Antwoord

I have tried to replace the hdmi port however being somewhat of an idiot I slipped and knocked off onto the little black squares just behind the port on the left hand side. Does anyone know what these are?

Geoff Parker - Antwoord

contacts of the motherboard

lillarrypimp1993 -

You may be talking about capacitors that are critically important for the unit to function.

South30 -

You mean that little brown parts next to the desoldered HDMI port chip? Seems to be capaciators.

Check it with a multimeter: No connection through that parts: Capaciator, Connection through that parts: Coil

Sebastian Coenen -

Ok so I was taking mine apart, and while I was separating the ribbon wire from the optical drive during step 7, I broke the top off the connector by accident. I thought I could fix it with hot glue, but my ps4 doesn't read disks (at all, doesn't even know there's a disk in the drive). Is there a way to repair this without getting a new drive?

jonathanhart54 - Antwoord

when I bought the replacement motherboard and optical drive and installed everything, I got a message saying connect USB with software update. Is this because I'm using my original hdd from my original mobo+ optical drive that is different from the hdd my replacement parts came with?

Quaymetsu - Antwoord

Could you please tell me where you bought a replacement motherboard from as i've been looking everywhere!?

Roger flaps -

You cannot just replace the motherboard on a PS4. The motherboard is married to the logic board on the blu-ray drive. Swapping the motherboard without carrying over the original logic board will render the drive useless.

Will - Antwoord

I’ve read along the guides that a BDP-020 optical drive can work with an SAA-001 motherboard, but mine still receives the CE-35888-2 error. Am I replacing the incorrect part?

Cristian Nickles - Antwoord

Hi my ps4 has stopped working and doesnt turn on at all, ive tried different outlets and different power cables for the ps4, still no luck. Ive pulled it apart and had a look at the power supply board and mother board aswell as dusted it all out. The mother board has yellow stains/ dots near the hdmi port and some other random spots around the mother board. I have the first ps4.

Does anyone know whats wrong? Id rather fix it than pay for a new one.

Jared Breen - Antwoord

Habe mall eine frage habe meine sauber gemacht die ps4.und jetzt geht die kurz an und wieder aus was kann ich machen jetzt

dst11 - Antwoord

Hi all, I am facing this CE-34878-0 error on all games. Reinstalled the software, replaced the HDD and reinstalled latest software but this error is keep coming. What is the solution.

Salman Hameed - Antwoord

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