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If you are experiencing troubles with your Sony Vaio PCG-81312L, refer to Troubleshooting Page

Background and Identification

The Vaio series of Sony laptops was released on April 21, 2008. They were first ran on the operating system of Windows 7. The original model's screen was 16.4" in size. The battery life lasted approximately 2 hours. Available colors included black, chocolate brown, nebula, or silver. The memory ranged from 2 to 8 gigabytes of DDR2 SDRAM at 800 MHz. It also includes SD and magic gate pro card reader, 3 USB slots, and a HDMI port.

In 2016, Sony recalled the lithium battery packs, made by Panasonic, due to fire hazard and the potential danger of severe burns. This was reconciled shortly thereafter. The Sony Vaio may experience troubles with the cooling system, a failing hard drive, a faulty capacitor, or a troublesome RAM.

Additional Information

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Pros and Cons of Sony Vaio


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