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On-demand iPhone Repair, Google Repair and Samsung Repair business operating in Brisbane and Sydney Australia. Screen Fixed Melbourne iPhone Repairs


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We’re dedicated and passionate iPhone repair experts, ready to provide the highest quality, on demand mobile device repairing services, with guaranteed results and at the best prices on the market.

Knowing that your time is precious, we have created this business with a single focus in mind: To make your life frustration-free!

We are well aware that most people simply don’t have the time needed to take their broken mobile device to the nearest certified repair shop.

And this is exactly what we are here to do!

Offering top notch, fast and affordable repair services for your precious iPhone, Google or Samsung mobile device, we will work anywhere you are!

What does that mean? It simply means that all you have to do is call us and one of our certified technicians will be right there, at your home, office or even meet you at your local café and fix your broken device in less than 1 hour!

So what can we fix?

With years of experience and sound technical expertise, we can fix almost ANY and ALL problems related to your iPhone, Google or Samsung device:

Screens, batteries, charge ports, cameras, home buttons and a lot more! What is more, we only use genuine parts that come with a 2 year warranty of peace of mind.

Benefit from our BRAND NEW Express Mail-In and Express Drop-In Repair Services! Are you in need of super speedy iPhone repair service?
Do you live outside Sydney or Brisbane? We’ve got you covered! Now you can either come and drop off your device or simply e-mail it to us and save yourself tons of money on traveling expenses.

Fast iPhone Repairs Screen Fixed Sydney Suite 1020, Level 11, 66 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Fast iPhone Repairs Screen Fixed Brisbane Suite 1613, Level 16, 200 Mary Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

Services Geared Towards Your Satisfaction!

Our hard work and sincere dedication to providing only the highest quality services at the best prices on the market is the best guarantee of our clients’ satisfaction. With focus on your needs, we are ready to go above and beyond the norm to ensure your daily smartphone challenges are tackled with efficiency and ease!

Committed to improving the user experience, we stand by our motto:

If the customer isn’t happy, then neither are we!

We continue to renew our promise of excellence to our customer.