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EA Bailey Custom speakers and technology. Third Man Records musician. Columbia records Songwriter.


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I build to order speakers for wealthy Audiophiles that still believe in analog sound. JBL's top speaker designer(or Harman Kardon. Or Selenium. .. Or PRV-both being Brazilian speaker companies that were too good and were bought out-... Whatever you want to call the same company) consulted me on 2 speaker designs. Amazing the sound you can get when you use great speakers and concrete forming grade plywood.

That's my side business. I get my bread being a musician. I'm associated with Jack White and Third Man records and have a songwriting deal with Sony that allows me to sell songs I would have thrown away to Columbia artists like Adele, That Katy Perry person and, most recently Beyonce for a higher price by letting them take the credit. Didn't you know music also had ghost writers? I get paid and don't get hassled gotta love it. Let those that dig it be famous. Folks like me have been keeping the records spinning and your iPod grinning forever.