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Camcorder released in 1989. Manufactured by RCA with a model number CC310, and had various editing features including audio/video dub and microphone mixing not found on other camcorders at the time.

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Where can I get a/v out cable

I NEED the following for my RCA CC310 camcorder. A/V OUTPUT cable, A/V INPUT, owners manual, service manual, part numbers for the cables, RCA or equal, sources, web sites, links, pdf's. Any help at all welcome. Even a pin out of the 14 pin a/v out would help. Thanks.

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marc, just trying to figure out what you have done so far, as to get the stuff you are looking for.


I searched for days. Found that I had to purchase it as a collection with another camera via eBay. It was a biznitch but if you buy a broken camera WITH CABLES it is totally worth it.

I realize this post is maybe 4 years too late.


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marc, number one place to look at is this site RCA CC310 You can purchase the service manual from here

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