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When earphones are plugged in the main speakers are not longer muted

I have a Bose Companion 2 SerieII Multimedia Speaker System. The speakers have a front panel jack for earphones. When earphones are plugged in the main speakers are muted.

Perhaps due to heavy use this mute function does not work anymore and sound comes out of the earphones and main speakers.

How can we take apart the covers to get at the jack and replace it?

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This is probably not the issue, it's usually a software issue. Either the setting for "Jack detection" is turned off in the sound card options, or the sound card drivers may need to be reinstalled (or updated and reinstalled).

You can find the sound options in the Control Panel of whatever Operating System you are using.

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This answer is not correct, this is not a software problem. I usually have to reinsert the plug repeatedly until the mute function usually work, so it definitely is for me a mechanical problem with the jack, and I would like to replace it, but cannot figure out how to open the speaker case without forcing it and probably damaging it.

The question as asked is correct: how do I open the covers to get to the jack?

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You cannot open the have to cut it open.


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