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Model No. A1367 / 8, 16, 32, or 64 GB capacity

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Will LCD display correctly with loose digitizer cable? PLZ LOOK!

I am repairing an iPod Touch 4G and upon finishing the install I decided to test it of course before gluing it down and when I hit the lock button the screen turns on and everything looks great but it will not respond to touch at all. This repair job was a bit different then other I have done. The iPod was very shattered and only the left side of the screen was responsive. Once you went past the middle of the screen over to the right side it was totally dead so I figured it was just a bad digitizer since it was so shattered. But now that I have the new one on there it is now totally unresponsive to touch. Unfortunately I was not able to power off the ipod before the repair because of the unresponsive screen, I doubt that made a difference though. But my question is IF the digitizer cable is possibly loose/disconnected will the LCD still display everything properly as it should? I'm really hoping that this is just a connectivity issue and I am about to take it apart again and check my connections. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

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The LCD is the plug on the top of the logic board and your display will only work if that is plugged in. It sounds like you didn't get the digitizer plug snapped down all the way or correctly. Try again carefully to lift the board out and plug in the underside. Use the foam pad form the bottom of the old digi and the copper shield tape also. Good luck and let us know how you did!

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