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Second generation of the Ford Focus.

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How do you change the fuel filter in a 2007 Ford Focus?

How do you change the fuel filter in a 2007 Ford Focus?

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were is the fuel filter on usa ford focus 2007. how do I best change this filter


hi there

i have a 2007 ford focus 1.6 si hatch back and my fuel filter is attached on the the frame of'

of the back axle. i have seen pics of other cars location and i cant understand why my car is different.


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James, there are great write ups with images on here and another very good one right here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Hi Thank you but my ford is a european focus which seems to have a different filter, do you know of anywhere for these?

Kind Regards


James, here is one for the UK model "it is in a recessed area just ahead of the fuel tank - visible on the passenger side just ahead of the rear wheel. You have to release the fuel pressure with a special hose clamp release tool before removing the hoses. Then there's one small clamp bolt that holds the filter itself.


i am confused now because my fuel filter is attached to the back axle frame and it

does not look like the one in the pics.


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