Why won't apps work?

I got an iPod touch 4th gen. 32g one week ago and I have installed apps such as games and social networking ones.

It has only happened recently but I try and go into an app and it goes into it and then it goes black for a split second and goes back to the main screen.

They are certified app cause they are temple run, facebook, twitter and others so that's not the reason why.

Please help me as this problem is quite irritating.

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Check your updates and update all apps or click install again for recently downloaded apps. Usually apps opening and then going black is a sign one app hasn't downloaded properly.

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I install many games but they stop at the end and said unable to download this app what can I do


What can I do to download apps because they said unable to install this app


Thats because the apps or games you are trying to download are not compatible with the version your device is on but some apps/games are


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We just had the same problem with our son's ipod touch. By downloading another app somehow all the other apps start working again too. It's a fix but I think it's a bit sloppy, the device obviously has a few bugs.

Hope this helped you!

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You can't,because the version your iPod touch 4 is on is not compatible with Instagram,im sorry.

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