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Toshiba Satellite A200-2C5 LCD dont have light

Hello guys,

i need some help to resolve a problem of my laptop.

Its about the LCD, i can see the image on it but the lcd dont have light, it seems to be turned off but but shows images.

I used an eternal monitor using a vga cable and it works very well..

Whats the problem?

Regards, and thanks

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Helder Neves,if you can see the desktop icons on your screen, but they are very dark, that means your backlight is no longer working. I am not certain which computer you have, since you listed the device as an Acer Satellite, I am assuming that is is a Toshiba. Anyhow, it is either the CCFL in your LCD or the inverter that is malfunctioning. The trick here is to determine which part it is. The inverter is easier to replace, since it is a separate board, but expensive compared to a CCFL which is inexpensive but potentially a PITA to change. Have a look on here to see how to test the inverter. Hope this helps, good luck

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Hello, its a mistake, the laptop is a Toshiba Sattelite A200-2C5..

Thanks for that information!!



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