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My iPhone 3 wont turn on after running out of battery

my iphone 3 ran out of battery last night i charged it on a dock all night and it wontt urn on i plugged it into a usb port about halfa hour ago still nothing there was no traumatic experience invlved it just ran outof battery im a community nurseso really need it to be working please help !!xx

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Sounds like a deep discharge, as the battery gets old it loses charge must faster then when it was new, being off for a long time will cause a 'deep discharge' and the time span needed for that becomes shorter with use. Presumably you have had the iPhone out of battery for some time more then usual. You can often fix this by doing an 'over-charge' buy just leaving it on mains charge for what I'd say two days. It should then turn on like usual and just remember not to let it go down too far, failing that, get someone (or yourself) to replace the battery.

Hope this help! xXx

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