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Are all pulleys on the mower deck on the same level/plane?

keep shredding mower deck belts, installed new idler pulleys but the ones on the left are slightly higher (about 3/4inch) than the other idler pulley.

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Thank you for responding with your suggestions.

I aligned the pulleys so there is only a 1/4 difference, bought a new belt,

mower working great.


Thank you for accepting my answer.


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tom, the pulleys should be aligned so that the belt runs level. If one of the pulley's is higher, your belt will shred since it is not running level. Get the instructions from here. Hope this helps, good luck.

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The left blade pulley, the left large metal idler and the left small plastic idler are 1/4inch higher than the right plastic idler, center blade pulley and the right blade pulley. It looks like it has always been that way because there is no signs of any pulley suppports deterioating or having been changerd in height.


Is it wide enough to allow the belt to continue to run straight. Did you check the manual to make sure it is all the way it is supposed to be.


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