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Popular laptop sold by HP. While it comes in many configurations, all models of this laptop have the same basic form factor. The numbers after G60 indicate the factory specifications of the laptop and who sold it.

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Why does my laptop overheats

if i dont use a cooling fan after 5 minutes my laptop shuts down from over heating

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i have the same problem my cpu gets to 100% i cant figure out anything i have opened it up and cleaned the vents and all dust off every componenent it gets slow and slow performance


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I would open it up and clean out the fans. According to how dirty it is you may need to get to the heat sink clean out the vent ports and reapply thermal paste. Here's a video on how to tear it do0wn:

Here's the service manuel on it:

Here's the thermal paste I use: Arctic Silver Thermal Paste

Arctic Silver Thermal Paste Afbeelding


Arctic Silver Thermal Paste


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You may try first to open your laptop and check if the Cooling Fan & Heatsink cooling grill is completely blocked off with dust build up. The blockage will prevent the heat from getting out off the laptop thus triggering the thermal sensors to auto shutdown your laptop.

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If the cleaning of the vents has been completed then it could be something running on the computer that is causing it to run at a high CPU usage. Open up the task manager and sort by the CPU tab and see what processes are running quite high.

If there is a 'NT Kernel and system' running high then there could be some hard drive errors, then a check disk needs to be carried out this can be done by opening up windows explorer and right click on the drive letter - select properties then the tools tab and click on check now button, this will perform a chkdsk and correct any errors that might be occurring. After it has completed then i suggest rebooting of the computer.

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Has the processor ever been pulled? If the thermal paste wasn't completely cleaned off and replaced, it won't have good contact with the heat sink. The reason I mention this is that I had a friend with the same problem, who never mentioned that he'd pulled the processor (as an exercise in curiosity) and replaced it. He didn't want to admit it, but once we got everything cleaned up and re-installed properly, it worked fine.

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