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Model 1402 / 16 or 32 GB capacity

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I have model 1376 120gb. What generation is this one?

120gb zune player. battery has weakened over time and I want to replace it but I am not sure what generation it is.

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I wonder why there are no guides for the Zune 120GB devices


It might be because it is not a very popular device to repair, or that nobody has made a guide.


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g dosch, based on the 120GB storage space alone, this would be a 3rd gen. The following generation is the HD and it does not have that capacity, nor did any of the preceding generations. Besides the larger capacity, there was also a firmware update for the Zune, Anyhow, the battery is readily available at places like this. If you need any instructions, check on here. Hope this helps, good luck

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thanks man this helped! mE LOL


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